Aventon Andreas Fixed Gear Bike

This ride gets groovy with its retro looks and hip style. The Andreas gets down on Reynolds 520 Chromoly tubing and is real slick, ya dig? But oh, daddy-o, we ain’t talkin’ no static when we slapped on Sugino cranks to make the Andreas all too real. And don’t go trippin’ man, the Andreas is Limited edition! Each frame is numbered out of 200, so it’s totally hot. Let me get you the skinny on this far out dream machine with the features down below.

  • Reynolds 520 Double-butted Chromoly tubing
  • Sugino RD 48t crankset
  • Polished track bars and black rubber track grips
  • Each Andreas is part of a limited production run of 200
  • Fixed or Freewheel with a Flip-Flop Hub
  • 30-Day Hassle-Free Return Policy
What's Included
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What's Included
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Full Geometry Chart


Height 5'4" - 5'8" 5'8" - 5'11" 5'11" - 6'2" 6'2"+
A | Top Tube Length 546 551.8 576 596.1
B | Seat Tube Length C-T 520 550 580 610
C | Standover Height 798.3 818.5 844.1 874.5
D | Stack 510.3 530.5 556.1 586.5
E | Reach 410.1 409.4 422.1 434
F | Head Tube Angle 74 74.5 75 75.5
G | Seat Tube Angle 75 75 74.5 74.5
H | Fork Offset 30 30 30 30
I | BB Drop 55 55 55 55
J | Wheelbase 969.6 971.6 986.6 1002.2
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
For the price point bike WAS not worth it.

I loved this frame set but had to part ways with it. Stems are garbage they strip with time both bikes same issue. I also had a fixed cog break on the 1st one stopping for a light. Wheels don't stay true for too long maybe 2 months after that spokes start to get loose. The BIGGEST downfall to the bike is the frame the one I purchased suffered far worse cracks at the bottom near the bottom bracket (chainstay areas). I never noticed up until I saw the rust forming its color. The 2nd one started developing cracks in the same areas this time I noticed it before it could get worse. Now this was on the 2nd one they sent me which my only issue with both was the paint job was seemed to be done in either a rush or sloppy manner. I rode the 1st one through all weather conditions. So the the cracks got worse with time. The 2nd bike only saw dry weather and some rain. I rode both bikes 5 days a week as it was my way to get to work. Now $500 later im stuck with a Golden cycles steel bike for now. I hope that if you guys bring out another steel bike I hope you guys can make sure the frames wont rot. I've had more than 6 steel bikes and this is a 1st time dealing with cracks. I miss catching road bikes off guard while on a sprint on this bike. To anyone buying steel bikes make sure the description shows the bike has rust coating. Oh and the 1st one I rode for about 5 months before I realized it was cracked. The 2nd bike didn't even last 2 months.

Jorge, we are extreme sorry to hear about this ongoing problem & can certainly lend a hand. Please email us your order number so that we can rectify the situation.
Nice frame

I picked this up because I liked the frame. I set it up as a single speed and it’s a great commuter. For the money the frame set and wheels are a great deal. The parts are generic, but it is what it is an entry level steel bike. I love it!


The bike looks great in person. It did come with a few decently sized scratches and did not come with the tools Aventon claimed it would. Not a big deal but worth noting.

So Happy

I bought this with my boyfriend cause he said he missed having an excellent bike. It’s so sleek and rides really well. He biked an hour just to see me because he loves it so much!

Good ride except...

This bike is for the most part pretty easy riding for its price, except the clearance of the frame and the bike wheel is terrible. Something needs to be done about that.