Every cyclist needs to carry to the tools and spare inner tube needed to fix a flat tire. Browse our selection for just the right size.
The Q-Tubes Standard Line Presta valve tubes feature QBP's widest variety of tube sizes and valve lengths with a proven record of high-quality control and consistent availability.
The AirStop has a butyl construction that holds air better than standard tubes while staying lightweight at 102 grams.
Q-Tubes Thorn Resistant tubes feature 4mm thick butyl rubber in the tread area tapering to 2mm sidewalls. Perfect for the rider who commutes on rough city roads, or the adventure seeker who takes the unconventional path.
This inner tube is designed for 27.5" / 650b x 2.1-2.35" tires - like the Pace 500s, Pace 350s, and Level ebikes. You should always be prepared by carrying a spare tube while riding.  Butyl rubber Schrader (automotive-style) valve