How To Clean An Electric Bike & Remove Rust: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Clean An Electric Bike & Remove Rust: A Comprehensive Guide

December 18, 2020

Your ebike can, and will, get dirty. There's no way of getting around it. However the colder, wetter months of the year are a time when your ebike is potentially going to get a lot dirtier quicker. If you don't take proper care of cleaning after every ride there's a good chance rust will occur.

Rust sucks. Plain and simple. And the longer it’s around, the worse it gets. Not only does it affect the aesthetic appeal of your ebike, it can also compromise its structural integrity as well over time.

The good news: bike rust isn’t as daunting as it might seem.

In this guide, we'll go through the following:

How Rust On A Bike Occurs

Rust is the result of a chemical reaction between iron, oxygen, and moisture. When your ebike's metal components are exposed to rain, humidity, or even just a damp environment, they become vulnerable to rust formation. Common areas that are prone to rust on a bike include the frame, handlebars, chain, spokes, and various bolts and screws.

Tools You'll Need

Before you begin the rust removal process, gather the following supplies:

  • - Mild dish soap or bike-specific degreaser
  • - Clean water
  • - Soft-bristle brush
  • - Fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool
  • - Bike lubricant
  • - Rust converter or naval jelly
  • - Microfiber cloth

how to remove rust from bike frame & Its Components

There's no easy way to remove rust from bike frames and its components. The only way to do it is to get your hands dirty. The process is part of keeping your electric bike protect.

  1. Safety First

Work in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from any chemicals.

  1. Cleaning the Bike

Start by giving your bike a thorough cleaning. Use a mixture of mild dish soap or a bike-specific degreaser and water to clean the affected areas. Gently scrub with a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt and grime.

  1. Sand Away Surface Rust

For superficial rust, use fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool to gently sand the affected areas. This helps remove the outer layer of rust.

  1. Apply Rust Converter

If the rust is more stubborn, apply a rust converter or naval jelly as per the manufacturer's instructions. These products chemically convert rust into a more stable compound, preventing further corrosion.

  1. Rinse and Dry

After using a rust converter, rinse the bike thoroughly with clean water and ensure it's completely dry before moving on.

  1. Lubricate Moving Parts

Apply a suitable bike lubricant to moving parts like the chain, derailleurs, and brake components to ensure smooth operation.

  1. Protective Finish

Consider applying a clear coat or protective wax to the bike's frame to create a barrier against moisture and prevent future rust.

Preventing Future Rust

Once you clean rust from bike frame and its components, the next step is to prevent future rust from occurring. Here's a quick list of how to make sure your electric bike stays rust free.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your bike regularly to remove dirt and moisture that can lead to rust formation.

Store Indoors

Whenever possible, store your bike in a dry and climate-controlled environment to minimize exposure to humidity.

Use Fenders

Install fenders to prevent water and mud from splashing onto your bike during wet rides.

Apply Lubricant

Regularly apply bike-specific lubricant to your bike's chain and other moving parts to repel moisture.

Keep It Dry

After riding in wet conditions, make sure to dry your bike thoroughly with a microfiber cloth to prevent water from lingering on metal surfaces.

For a more in-depth look out proper ways to store your ebike during the Winter months, check out our blog 'E-Bike Storage and Use During the Winter'.


Do not use a pressure washer to clean your ebike. While Aventon ebikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard, it does not mean to use pressurized water to clean your bike. IPX4 is resistance to water splashes, including light rain. It won’t be harmed by spray from a wet road or raindrops, but not exposed to prolonged rain or to be submerged or subjected to a pressurized spray.

You should also not use special car cleaner and soaps on an ebike as most car soaps have wax in them that is not suitable for ebikes and their components.


Typically, the best way to wash ebike accessories is to wipe them down with a dry rag. You should avoid getting any water or soap on the following parts:

  • - The hub bearing (that’s the center of the wheel)
  • - The bottom bracket (where the pedals connect together through the frame)
  • -The headset bearing (where the handlebars connect to the frame)
  • - Seat post (where the seat connects into the frame)
  • - The brake pads and rotor, or discs
  • - Chains and gears

These areas of your ebike are to be avoided when cleaning your ebike with water so as to avoid getting any water in the motor, its components, or the frame of your ebike. Avoid the brake pads and rotors as well so the soap doesn’t mess with their functionality, contaminate them and cause them to squeak.

Ride Rust Free

With the right tools, a bit of patience, and consistent maintenance, removing and preventing rust from your bike can be a manageable task. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enjoy a rust-free ride and prolong the life of your cherished bicycle. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving your bike's performance and appearance.

Aventon electric bikes come standard with a 2-year warranty to keep you protected for the long ride ahead. To learn more about Aventon ebikes, or if you have any questions regarding our ebikes and their components, contact our customer service. We're here for you.

Ride more. Be happy

Stuart Lewine May 05, 2021

I have not taken my e bike to the beach yet and I am not sure what to do for cleaning afterwards. I was told using compressed air might help in the cleaning/drying process. Any thoughts?

Michael Gradl May 05, 2021

Thanks for the tips on cleaning the ebikes.
Do you sell, or do you recommend a specific chain lube?
Love our bikes – Thanks again, and happy holidays.

Paula M Robinson May 05, 2021

We are traveling across the country in our 42 foot MH and have two bikes on the back of our car that we tow. We had the bikes covered for many months. However, the car’s lights in the back could not be seen, and it was a safety hazard. If we stop, turn, etc., you need to see the turn signals on the car and the MH. A cover blocked the lights. Now my bike has rusty brakes, and it’s not even a year old. I also have a few chips of the paint on the bike from putting it on and off the car rack ( Thule); however, I believe I can get paint in Pantone color to match at a hardware store? It’s the purple bike color 350. We now are in CA, so no rain, but we just came from WA and OR, and it was wet. Do you have any suggestions as we will still have the bikes on the back of the car. Thanks for the help, and if you could please provide me the paint color, please. I would appreciate it. Thanks and happy holidays! LOVE YOUR BIKES!

Pinkoy May 05, 2021

I have a question.
Can i use a “Dust Off”, the one you use for your computer in a pressured can on the brake plates/pads?

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