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Aventon’s Holiday Bundles

Aventon’s Holiday Bundles

November 29, 2022

The holiday season is here! And we at Aventon have combined some of our favorite ebikes and accessories into the perfect holiday gift bundles for you and your loved ones, so you can shop early and leave the running around to everyone else by getting everything you need in one place to save time.

Give the Gift of Fun

Fun looks different on everyone, whether they like to go fast or take it slow. But when it comes to Aventon, the ‘fun’ rider knows that every time they get on their ebike they’re going to have a blast. Sometimes they ride without a destination in mind, that’s how much they love cruising through the neighborhood or around town. They live in the moment and can appreciate a good joy ride. The ‘fun’ rider also enjoys a good picnic. They like hanging out at the park or the beach on a perfect day. They use their ebike as much as they can, and make sure they have everything they need for their daily outing. They appreciate a comfortable and steady ride. They want their riding experience to be easy like Sunday morning.

What’s In the ‘Fun’ Bundle?

Aventon’s Fun bundle is a good time bound up into one perfect package. The Pace 350.2 is Aventon’s classic cruiser and comes equipped with an upright frame and cushioned saddle for a comfortable, easy ride. Equipped with Aventon’s front and rear rack, so there’s a place for your drink and bag and the opportunity to bring more of what you love on your day out. Also included is a fender set to make sure you stay protected from the elements, and the Thousand Heritage helmet to ensure your head is protected every time you ride.

Make life more fun this holiday season and set your pace to cruise control. Aventon’s got you covered.


Give the Gift of Adventure

Adventure is always on the horizon. And for the adventurous type, there’s nothing that can stop them from finding more of it. Aventon’s ‘adventure’ rider is fearless and loves to explore the unknown. They go wherever their wanderlust takes them. To go outdoors and into the natural world is in their blood. They prefer to go off trail and off-road, from the forest to the beach and all the backcountry trails in-between. There’s nowhere that’s off limits, and they’re always prepared to go the extra mile just to see what’s around the next bend. The mystery of possibility excites them and the power of their ebike encourages them to go beyond the average street light.

What’s In the ‘Adventure’ Bundle?

Aventon’s Adventure bundle has the road less traveled in mind. With Aventon’s flagship, fat tire Aventure, it’s impossible to shy away from adventure. It goes over rock, sand, and snow. All-terrain means all the time. Add more to your next adventure with a rear rack, Kali Protective Lunati helmet, and Fanttik portable air pump. You’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Experience the outdoors in a whole new way, and discover more than the average road warrior.


Give the Gift of Freedom

Freedom with an ebike is the opportunity to go wherever, whenever. And the ‘freedom’ rider lives by this credo. They are the weekend warrior who waves goodbye to the daily grind and hits the road with their car or RV without looking back. They know where they’re going and have made all the necessary plans to make that happen. They’ve organized everything to ensure they have everything they need. And when they get to where they’re going they know they can hit the streets rolling or go off-road if they want. To the ‘freedom’ rider, it’s all about the details. Everything is in its right place, and there’s plenty of room.

What’s In the ‘Freedom’ Bundle?

Aventon’s Freedom bundle is bundled, not bound. With Aventon’s foldable, storable, and transportable Sinch, you can take it anywhere, anytime. It’s a cinch. Simply fold it, pack it, and hit the road. And with Aventon’s rear rack you can make more room for what matters on your next trip, or daily ride. Also included in this package is a Thousand Heritage helmet and fender set so you can stay vigilant and confident wherever your route takes you.

Find your freedom this holiday season, or share it with a loved one.


Give the Gift of Movement

The mobility of an ebike is what movement is all about. The Aventon ‘movement’ rider gets into the flow of traffic and then moves beyond it. They love to go fast and get where they need to be on time. Versatility in their daily ride is important to them, whether that’s agile turns, flying down hills, or a quick trip carrying their ebike up a flight of stairs. They trust that their ebike will perform on command and alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Performance and efficiency reign supreme, for long distances or short trips around town. When the ‘movement’ rider takes it to the streets, they keep rolling.

What’s In the ‘Movement’ Bundle?

The Aventon Movement bundle is the world set in motion. This two-fold grouping is available in the Soltera Single Speed or The Soltera 7.

- The Soltera Single Speed bundle comes with Aventon’s lightweight city slicker that’s easy on the arms and has fully integrated lights to keep you moving forward through the day and night. This bundle also includes a rear rack that adds to the versatility of range, and assists in carrying everything you need so there’s no telling how far you’ll go.

- The Soltera 7 bundle is everything that’s efficient and effortless when it comes to getting around in record time. The Soltera 7 has seven speeds to help you pick up the pace climbing hills and comes with a rear rack and fenders to take the weight off your shoulders and protect you from unforeseen elements on the road.

With Aventon’s Soltera it’s more than just movement for movement’s sake. It’s all about making life more effortless.


Give the Gift of Nostalgia

As a kid there was no better feeling than taking off those training wheels and setting out on your own, finally in control of your own cadence and momentum. The Aventon ‘nostalgic’ rider remembers this feeling. They get a taste of that reminiscence every time they saddle up. For them, an ebike is the closest thing to bottling that memory, because they get to relive that excitement over and over again. There’s nothing but them and the pedals beneath their feet and the road rolling past. Each breath of fresh air is intoxicating. Each ride is an eternal glimpse into the past joys of that youthful splendor. It’s refreshing, and is exactly what the ‘nostalgic’ rider lives for.

What’s In the ‘Nostalgia’ Bundle?

The Aventon Nostalgia bundle is the gift of youthful past. Wrapped up in this holiday present is the Aventon Level.2 that will reinvigorate your ride every time. Its torque sensor recognizes the natural rhythm of your pedaling, meets you where you’re at and amplifies your output, conserves battery life, and extends your riding range. Also Included in this package is Kali Protectives Central helmet to ensure your head is protected on the road, along with Mirrycle Mountain Handlebar mirrors so you have more visibility every time you ride.

Give the gift of nostalgia this holiday season. It’s like riding a bicycle all over again.


Pedal Now, Pay Later

Have you been eyeing the perfect ebike for you or a loved one but aren’t sure if it’s within your budget? Now you can make low monthly payments! Aventon’s partnership with Affirm offers payment plans that work best for you! It’s a simple process: choose the ebike bundle you want and select Affirm at checkout, pick the payment plan that works for you, and pay over time and never pay more than what you agree to from day one. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of an ebike with low monthly costs!


Give the Gift of Aventon

Celebrate this holiday season with Aventon and experience the freedom that comes with riding an ebike. With our holiday bundles there’s something for everyone. Spread the joy and take the ride. Give the gift of Aventon.

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