Aventon's Tire Sizes Explained (Aventure, Level, Pace, Sinch, Soltera, Abound)

Aventon's Tire Sizes Explained (Aventure, Level, Pace, Sinch, Soltera, Abound)

November 18, 2022

Preparation is paramount. And it makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the best bike tire size for you and your preferred riding style. It’s important to know what to expect on your next route and how tire size can affect the quality of your ride. Below is an introduction to what type of tires comes with each Aventon ebike and how each one plays an important role in the way you roll.


What bike tire size is best for me?

There are several classifications that can dictate bike tire sizes, and each one has their own benefits and disadvantages depending on your style of ride. These categories depend on whether you ride on or off the road, in traffic or just around town.

The Everyday Tire

Generally, the best tire size for the everyday rider is a larger one. A larger radius means more movement with less pedal power. The most common size on the road is a 27.5” tire. This is the standard for most Aventon bikes, including the Level.2 and both Pace.2 models (350 and 500).


The Commuter Tire

When you’re going from here to there and back again it’s a relief to know your tires can get the job done. The Level.2’s 27.5” tires will move you all around town, and can take the weight off your shoulders to support any groceries or panniers filled with everything you need for the work day. Equipped with sidewall reflectors improves your visibility to make it easier for motorists and other cyclists to see you at night. In addition, Level.2 comes with a hybrid tire that can cover ground on trails and dirt paths making those not so easy routes more accessible to get you where you need to be when you need to be there.


The Cruiser Tire

Generally, cruiser tires are a hair thicker than standard commuter tires. Given they can be wider, but not wide enough to be considered a fat tire, cruiser tires offer more control over the mobility of the ebike. Pace.2's cruiser tires are perfect for those brisk weekend rolls around town or through your local park. These tires can also ride over minor bumps and potholes and gravel that are common in everyday terrain and come equipped with reflective sidewalls that improves visibility and safety on the road day and night.


Road Tires: For The Traditionalist

A lighter weight tire means quicker acceleration and more agility around corners. The Soltera comes equipped with 700x35c Kenda tires, which is the European equivalent to a 29” racing tire. Side note - Kenda tires are quality made and have a long road life! Though it is a thinner tire with more minimal tread, it can really fly on smooth asphalt and concrete pathways. Which, is a great choice if you're looking to go long distances, zip around the city (up and down stairs without all the heavy lifting), or just get around town in a flash.


Fat Tires: For The Adventurer

If you’re looking for the road less traveled, a fat tire is the right tire for you. With a wider radius, it’s much easier to ride smoothly over rough landscapes. Aventon’s Aventure and Sinch models both have 4” fat tires that can go over sand, snow, mud and rocks with little effort. Bigger tires improve stability, offer moderate speeds and a shortened braking distance range. The only difference between these models' tires is that the Aventure has a 26 '' while the Sinch is only 20”. Check out our article for more information on the benefits of fat tire ebikes!



Other Tire Tips, Just in Case

As we close out this piece, we want to leave you with a few bonus reminders! Just in case you needed them. If you’re wondering how to find the bike tire size of your ebike, be sure to look along the sidewall of your tire for the specs. It should be printed clearly so if or when the time comes when you're finding yourself replacing your tire, you'll know exactly what to look for.

And, don’t forget to check your PSI levels before every ride. This can prevent flats and promotes the highest quality and long-lasting life our tires can provide when well maintained. If you're in need of a pump, check out Aventon's portable air pump and other accessories that keep you riding at peak performance.

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