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Aventon Handlebar Grip Set - Standard


Enhance your Aventon E-Bike experience with these high-quality replacement grips. Each order of quantity "1" includes a complete set of 2 grips, ensuring you have both the left and right sides covered. Elevate your comfort and control with these grips designed specifically for your Aventon Ebike.

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Susie Carlson
Aventon Handlebar Grip Set

Received the Aventon Handlebar Grip Set. These were close is size but not exactly the same as the original grips. The replacements were just a bit longer with a different rubber grip design, but they worked out fine.

Robert Tucker
Handlebar Grip Set

The handlebar Grip Set I received was not the set I ordered. Customer Service was not very helpful in resolving the issue.

Oh no! We are so sorry to learn about this and the inconvenience that this has caused. We will be reaching out to you directly to further assist with this matter. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, as we greatly appreciate it.

Joseph Fradella
Wrong Item

I’d like to give you a good review but I was sent wrong item..

Hi Joseph! We are so sorry for the confusion, the grips shown are for our Pace model, you receive the correct ones for the Aventure/Level. We have reached out to our team to get this fixed as we know it can be a bit confusing. If you would like to return the grips you may do so and we will waive all fees. One of our reps will be in touch with you soon!