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CatEye Bar End Mirror

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Fits our Pace 350, Pace 500, and Level Ebikes. Will not fit the Sinch.


  • Sleek, ultralight bar-end mirror easily attaches to drop and flat handlebars
  • Constructed of aluminum and glass for durability and nearly distortion-free viewing
  • Minimal projection from the bar means never having to sacrifice clean aesthetics for safety again

Customer Reviews

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Debi Johnson
Wonderful mirrors!

I was surprised they were so small. But the amplification made them perfect to see any cars behind me!!

Hi Debi,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We are glad these mirrors worked for you, enjoy riding!

Bruce Bakaj
CatEye Bar End Mirror

Small but effective. Position at end of handlebar means it can easily be damaged if you are not careful.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for leaving us a review! We appreciate your feedback.

Luis Duran
Very good mirror.

After several months of use have discovered the mirror installed on left side of my bikes works very well. When I hear the sound of an approaching vehicle I glance to my left mirror and it shows up very well! As they say a picture say a thousand words. I then take the appropriate actions needed to bike safer. Very good mirror!đź‘Ť

Tina Willett
Good mirror

This little mirror works great. It doesn’t vibrate or wiggle and it is very clear. I love it.

Steve W
Good side view mirror for bike

Cateye is a great product for keeping track of whats behind you. It is very forgiving, as it pops out if bike falls over, and not to difficult to put back in slot (be careful to find the sweet spot to push it back in or it will seem impossible). Also, pay attention to the position of the mirror or items in the mirror could feel distorted. Overall. works great, and is great when riding with friends or cha nging lanes, or watching out for cars. Not obtrusive at all.