Axiom Pet Basket for Rear Rack

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A pet basket that can be mounted to a rear rack.

  • Reinforced, vinyl-dipped steel construction with spring-loaded top cage
  • Padded carry handle for off-bike use
  • Can be mounted on rear rack
  • Anti-microbial padded floor liner for comfort and sure footing
  • Includes a 25.4-31.8mm quick-release handlebar bracket and spring-loaded rack attachment hardware

*Compatible with LEVEL, PACE 500 & PACE 350 Ebikes

Customer Reviews

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Kee Kee
Nice but Not for a PET

It's kind of a cool basket, but I wouldn't put a pet in there.
No head room.
Also, When carrying a pet, they need to feel safe. In other words, you should block off the sides with some kind of fabric, and leave windows for air and looking out....but don't leave it open like they're in a cage. They will feel exposed. These are animals. This is a weird little basket for a pet.
However.....I love it for carrying other stuff.

Carol Scurlock Garcia
Axiom Dog Basket

The safety leash to secure the dog was not very sturdy. My 12 lb terrier jumped out of the basket and broke the small clip holding him in. Luckily we were not on a busy street. I am now figuring out how to better strap him in.