Step Through Ebike

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Pedal Assist
45 Miles
Average Range
4" Fat Tires
For A Smooth Ride
App Sync
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“Most Bang For Your Buck”

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Remarkably solid e-bike

“Remarkably solid e-bike”

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“I understand the demand”

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Large Backlit LCD Display

Our most powerful, most versatile ebike just became more accessible! With the addition of a step-through this version of the Aventure just became the best ebike out there! 4" fat tires and front suspension ensure that you'll be comfortable whether you choose the pavement or the trail, whilst the 80mm of travel in the front suspension means you'll absorb all the bumps in your path.

Boastfully equipped with a powerful 1130W (peak) motor and 720Wh battery, means that the Aventure can go further than any of our ebikes before. While the Aventure ships as a class II ebike, it can be configured into a class III with speeds of up to 28 MPH. Integrated in fenders mean that you'll feel safe and stay clean even in the worst conditions. Last, but certainly not least, the Aventure Step-Through comes equipped with our new color display, which syncs to the Aventon app allowing you to store your rides and share them with your friends and the Aventon family!

Large Backlit LCD Display

Backlit Color Display W/App Sync

Easily view important ride metrics such as speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled and more. With the touch of a button you can change your ebikes class rating, control the integrated lights, or share your most recent ride with your friends through the Aventon app! You can also plug in your smartphone via USB cable.

Front Suspension

Take your Aventure Step-Through anywhere with confidence! A suspension fork offering 80mm of travel, will absorb even the harshest terrain and provide you with a level of ride comfort you never thought possible out there on the trail!

Front Suspension


Integrated fenders mean that you can keep your adult-side happy whilst you release your inner-child and take on all the mud and puddles you can find on the trail!

Integrated Lights

Stay safe with lights that run off your ebikes battery. Never worry about your lights dying on you and turn them on and off with the push of a button on your handlebar mounted, color display.

Integrated Lights
Fat Tires

Fat Tires

Stay comfortable and in control on the trail and on the road with these 4" fat tires. while on the trail these fat tires provide you with unmatched stability.

Hub Motor & Battery

Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, you'll be taking the Aventure Step-Through on trails, roads and hills with ease! Pair that with our high capacity 720Wh integrated battery and you'll be traveling even further and discovering new places every time you hit the trail or street!

Hub and Motor
Pedal Assist

Pedal Assist & Throttle

No human power needed with a throttle on demand that will travel up to 20mph! But if you are out for some exercise there are five levels of pedal assist there to help you should you want to push yourself right to your limit.

Step-Through Frame

A step-through frame opens up the trails to everyone! Adding a step-through frame to our Aventure ebike means that anyone who many have had reservations about the accessibility of cross country ebikes can now get out there an explore with confidence!

Hub and Motor

*Aventon has the right to substitute components of equal quality for advertised components of Aventon ebikes without notice to the customer.

Aventure Step Through Electric Bike
Aventure Step Through Electric Bike
Aventure Step Through Electric Bike
Aventure Step Through Electric Bike

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My New Aventure

I love, love, love this bike (Aventure, red, S/M) and the customer service I've received so far from Aventon. Long story, short, I initially ordered the Level which I loved but really wanted a fat tire bike, of course two days after I received the Level the Aventure came out. Sarah A. very patiently "held my hand" and walked me through the whole process of returning the Level (never out of the box) and ordering my Aventure. I received my Aventure within a week and it is great! It has exceeded my expectations, the overall look is amazing, I love the built-in battery, the fast charger works great and the small fits this 5'3" body perfectly. I highly recommend.

Awesome E-Bike!

Aventon hit a home run with the Aventure. You can't beat the quality and features at this price.

Aventon sweats the details, and you can immediately tell how well this bike was designed from the finish and features. No loose wires or generic parts - everything is custom made and high quality.

I was waiting for an Aventon with built in headlights, and the Aventure doesn't disappoint. The front headline is super bright and makes it easy to navigate at night. The built-in rear tailight is also perfectly designed, turning on at night and getting brighter when braking.

This is my first e-bike, and I was blown away by the power. Hills that I would have to walk up with my old bike are easy in PAS 1 or 2. At PAS 3+ or with the throttle, uphill becomes like going downhill on a normal bike. PAS 5 is so fast that I would only recommend using it on wide open streets with no obstacles. The power on this bike feels like cheating!

The suspension and fat tires make bumps feel like nothing, and make for a very comfortable ride.

If there are any downsides, they are minor. As with any cadence sensor, there is a bit of a jolt from the motor when starting from a dead stop. Once you're up to speed, the motor feels seemless and like a gentle push.

The Aventure is extremely heavy coming in at 73 pounds. From a dead stop, you can feel the weight without any pedal assist, but the weight melts away even at PAS 1.

Finally, the battery casing on my camo green bike is a slightly different hue than the rest of the bike frame. While subtle, it is disappointing given Aventon's level of detail elsewhere, and the fact that the battery was supposed to fit in seemlessly with the frame.

Compared with any other brand, these complaints are minor. I would highly recommend the Aventure to anyone looking for a quality e-bike at a great value.

Great Customer Service

Started looking for an ebike and came across this one in just the nick of time before ordering from another company. What made it stand out was the great customer service. I called and it was after hours but I left a message, 45 minutes later Lydia called me back! It is a welcomed change to see that kind of service. Got the bikes quick, less then a week and they are super easy to put together. One feedback point is be careful when tightening the nut for the rear rack (I broke off the bolt). There has been a lot of dialog about the weight of the bike but despite it being 73lbs. it is not hard to lift/move or ride. Anyone looking for an ebike should give this serious consideration, it looks beautiful and rides great with amazing power.


I ordered the bike earlier this week, and it should be in my hands tomorrow. But going off of the reviews on YouTube and comparisons to other ebikes in this price category, the Aventure is the best--a better option than the Himiway Cruiser with its polished look, hydraulic brakes, and Aventon's customer service, and even better to Juiced Bikes, coming in a lighter weight and more ergonomic form factor. I'm excited to get this bike tomorrow and take my first ride!

Update: got the bike today... It is amazing and beautiful in the red color. It took a good minute to assemble, as I've never assembled a bike before and wanted all of the accessories, but I got it done within two hours.

Taking it for the first ride, I was shocked at the power and speed of the beast. The acceleration was exhilarating in pedal assist 5 at first, and my feet couldn't keep up until I realized I should upshift the gears haha. I took the bike through several subdivisions, a few main roads with a 45 speed limit, and the bike crushed it. I was able to keep up with traffic, and only got passed up by three cars.

It had just rained today, so I biked through mud, the wet roads, and several puddles. The fenders kept me and the bike dry.

Overall opinion though, there's nothing like this bike for this price.


I ordered it Wednesday and it arrived Saturday and is seriously a BEAST. Took maybe 30 minutes to unbox and put a few components together. The assembly video Aventon has is well put together and shows close up views of every screw you need to find and tighten. Front and rear brake Lights are BRIGHT! LED screen is also bright and easy to navigate with the controls. Everything on the handlebar feels exactly where it should be - brakes, gear shifter, controls, etc. on another note my husband and I had ordered another brand ebike in March. We waited two months for them to arrive. Once they did It didn’t fit me well at all (though husband was fine with his). So I went on a hunt for a different bike and just my luck this had released May 1st. Couldn’t believe I didn’t have to wait 2+ months for it to arrive! It’s Mother’s Day weekend and my birthday month and this is my ultimate gift!!!

1 year warranty