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Abound Handrail


The Abound Handrail was designed with high-quality aluminum construction, that can support a weight capacity of up to 143 lbs, and is designed to fit children from 5-10 years old.


  • Black finish


  • Material made of aluminum
  • Dimensions: L720mm - W610mm - H575mm


  • Compatible with Abound electric bikes only
  • Compatible with the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Rack Mount Child Seat, for riders of smaller proportions

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David Hood
It's great but check the fasteners

This functions as it was designed, keeping a passenger secure on the cargo seat pad. My passenger has a tendency to twist the handrail holds which unscrews them from the main structure causing me to lose the fasteners. I'm riding in a big city for the first time, and the handrail has adequately shielded the rest of the bike from contact while big city riding like when cars hit me or during the off chance that I lay it down into a slide because of a poorly distributed cargo load or sneakily slippery side street.

I can't imagine my passenger allowing me to provide regular support with their daily commute without the handrail, just remember to check the fasteners and maybe use some adhesive if that's your style.

I will mention that my passenger is a full-sized adult, below the cargo weight limit, and we have ridden 20+mile trips with no issues and total comfort.

Thank you for providing feedback on your purchase. Happy trails!

Misty B
Kid approved

My daughter loves coming with me for bike ride. It works perfect. Holds her in, safe, secure. Also, I can clip anything to the bars. Her favorite stuffed animal, her helmet.

Thank you for reviewing this item. Safe travels!

Alexandro Pereira

Great safety feature.

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Nicole Putze
Love the Handrail!

I love it! We use it to shuttle my kid around and it’s been a blast! He’s 5 and asks to ride the bike together all the time :)

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Suzan Lim
Abound Handrails

What an excellent tool for our grandson! He loves it and feels safe and comfortable.

Thank you for the great feedback! Welcome to the Aventon Family and safe travels!