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Aventon Rear Rack - Aventure

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Designed specifically for Aventon's Aventure fat tire ebike, this classic styling rear rack is perfect to take your adventures to the next level. Haul your essential items on your next trip whether it is to the office or the woods. The black matte design goes perfect with the Aventure.


  • Load capacity: 55lbs


Customer Reviews

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S. Bruckelmyer
Worked great!

Shipped quickly and fit great! Easy to install.

Brian Johnson
Fat Bike Commuter

I previously commuted daily 10 miles RT to work on a non-electric cyclocross bike in SLC, but just moved double the distance away. This makes commuting much easier. It’s about 10 miles and 900 feet elevation gain to get to work, and this thing takes it like a champ. It’s essentially an electric moped. You can get as much of a workout as you want, and I pedal hard to reduce strain on the bike, but I could also get there in the same amount of time without sweating if I wanted to. With the racks, it carries everything I need and the upright posture with fat tires and front suspension ride like a dream. The cold temperature definitely affects battery range, but I probably wouldn’t have any range anxiety (without charging at work) unless I moved >15 miles away. It goes great in the snow and ice and I haven’t needed snow tires yet this year. I haven’t taken it on any trails, but it would probably do just fine. However, you’re probably not going to have fun riding this beast on single track with really tight corners. The lights are ok. Front light is bright, but I’ll need to aim it higher. The rear light gets covered by my panniers, though, so I had to put my own blinky on. Mechanically, it seems well-built, with simple but high quality components (for the price). The cadence-based PAS is sometimes unpredictable, but you’d probably have to spend a lot more for a mid-motor bike with this much power. So long as you don’t draft behind cars at intersections (which you should never do), it’s not much of a problem. This is a no-brainer commuter car replacement if you live within 15 miles of work, no matter the climate or road condition. I think the future of commuting is e-bikes like this one.

michael chain
Better than Dolly Parson's...

Great rack. Fast delivery. Perfect fit and easy on. I'm a happy camper.

Gary Kiesel
Aventure rear rack

Very easy to install and nice and sturdy

Lisa Edwards

Installed quickly and easily and will be a great place to stash our stuff when out in rides. Got a set of saddle bags as well.