Which Burley Bike Trailer Is Best For Your Transport Needs

Which Burley Bike Trailer Is Best For Your Transport Needs

December 10, 2021

Electric bikes have changed transportation, literally making it a breeze! Either engage your throttle or activate pedal assist and breeze through your ride! With advancements in technology changing the way we’re able to physically travel from one location to another (i.e. electric biking!), it’s no surprise that the way we are able to transport goods would also adapt. In other words, more efficient transport gear for ebikes!

Brands such as Burley, that are compatible with electric bikes, make it easier than ever to transport whatever your heart desires, wherever! Burley is renownedly known for constructing recreational transport gear while setting the standard for safety, durability, and thoughtful design. An Aventon customer favorite, Burley bike trailers come in a variety of sizes, forms, and colors, meeting a wide range of transportations needs. Whether you’re looking to safely take your kids on a bike ride or need to transport all of your work-from-home equipment back into the office, Burley bike trailers have got you covered! If you’re looking for an electric bike trailer but don’t know where to start, check out some of Burley’s products that Aventon carries! But don’t skip out on reading the rest of this post because we’ll tell you exactly what they can be used for as well as how to determine which Aventon ebikes they’re compatible with!


Burley Cargo Trailers

Best for soccer moms, basketball dads, city commuters, or weekend beach-going picnic warriors, Burley’s cargo trailers can attach to just about any electric bike and can carry just about anything! Yes, even camping supplies if you’re into those types of off-the-grid activities! This type of Burley bike trailer generally has about a 100 lb maximum carry capacity and is built specifically for transporting goods. Because of this, they’ll feature a lightweight design often with a durable waterproof cover. Simply hitch your cargo trailer onto any Aventon ebike, securely attach your cargo, and hit the road with your load!

Compatibility: Burley Flatbed is compatible with all Aventon electric bike models at this time. If you’d prefer to verify, we’d love to hear from you at Aventon Support.


Burley Pet Trailer

At Aventon, we know that pets are not only an integral part of your lives, but also part of your bike adventures. Without your furry friends - okay sorry, correction, fur babies - your bike rides just wouldn’t be the same! Think about it, your little guy’s tongue flailing from his larger than life smile or your gal’s hair whisking in the wind while they’re safe and sound in a basket. Let’s not forget about our pets that mistake the sensation of biking with swimming, doing their part and pedaling their paws in the air when securely strapped to you or your bike!

For this reason, we’re thrilled to say that bike riding with your pet also comes with an array of safe accessories, like the Burley Tail Wagon. A pet-friendly trailer, you can transport your dogs or cats in comfort and style! The Tail Wagon features a flip-down tailgate so you can easily load your pet into the trailer, and a removable floor to clean up after them even more easily. Not to mention it features a roll-up cover with zippers and mesh windows so your best friend can get a dog's-eye view of the ride while feeling a nice breeze! The Tail Wagon has a 75 lb carry capacity, making it the perfect way to include your furry family members in your ebike adventures!

Compatibility: Burley Tail Wagon is compatible with all Aventon electric bike models at this time. If you’d prefer to verify, we’d love to hear from you at Aventon Support.


Burley Child Trailers

Now to address some of the more commonly asked questions, specifically as they pertain to safely transporting children on electric bikes! Burley has a wide selection of child-safe bike trailers. Depending on what your needs are, they are sure to have an option for you! Below you’ll find a breakdown of Burley’s bike trailer models and the features of each.

  • 1. Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer - This versatile bike trailer is the perfect balance of value and versatility: a bike trailer that doubles as a stroller! Attachable to any Aventon electric bike, the Burley Honey Bee features seating for one or two children, with a maximum weight limit of 100 lbs. It is built to withstand your ebike escapades without compromising you or your loved one's safety, and the attached ergonomic handlebar can then transform your Burley trailer into a two-seat stroller when you’re not out on the trails!
  • 2. Burley Encore X Child Trailer - If you’re looking for similar versatility of Burley’s Honey Bee trailer but the action-packed adventure version of it, allow us to introduce you to the Burley Encore X! Perfect for the active family, this bike trailer and double stroller provides a smoother ride with built-in suspension. Encore X features padded cushions, tinted windows with UV protection, and a sunshade for those sunny days. Open the doors to adventure on any Aventon ebike with your little ones comfortably in tow!
  • 3. Burley D’Lite X Child Trailer - This premium child bike trailer and stroller is designed for ultimate comfort and versatility! Create endless memories with your little one thanks to endless adventures in Burley’s D’Lite X! It features a premium reclining seat and headrest so your little one will feel like this trailer was built specifically for them. The Burley D’Lite X also comes in a double seat model. Compatible with all Aventon ebikes, saddle up and explore your world in comfort!
  • 4. Burley Cub X Child Trailer - Featuring similar premium qualities as Burley’s D’Lite X, this heavy-duty electric bike trailer and double stroller is built to perform remarkably through any terrain! Don’t limit yourself or your adventures; give your kids a front seat experience to exploration thanks to Burley Cub X’s premium comfort features! Premium seat pads, headrests, and an adjustable suspension will make riding through tough conditions feel effortless, and best of all, this trailer is also compatible with all Aventon ebikes!  

Burley Child Seats

We know these aren’t bike trailers per se, but while on the topic of how to safely transport children on electric bikes, Burley also has a selection of child-safe bike seats! If you’re looking for a quick and easy to attach child bike seat, check out Burley’s Dash Rack Mount Child Seat. This lightweight child seat conveniently attaches to or adapts to most existing electric bike rear racks, offering comfort for your child and a birds-eye view of adventure without compromising their safety. And, it’s compatible with most Aventon electric bikes in most sizes, with the exception of the Sinch!

Perfect for families on the go that need to quickly snap their child seat into place, Burley’s Dash Frame Mount Child Seat attaches to the rear frame of most ebikes! With this child seat, you won’t need to worry about purchasing a compatible ebike rear rack or attaching one you already have! Equally as lightweight and easy to use, turn essentially every ride into an adventure with the Dash Frame Mount Child Seat! Please note, the Dash Frame Child Seat is currently only compatible with the Pace models in a size large. If you’d like to verify if either of Burley’s child seats are compatible with your Aventon electric bike, we’d love to hear from you at Aventon Support.


Final Words

To sum it all up, Burley is a great choice and go-to for all of your transportation needs while on an ebike! Whether you’re the family planner seeking new adventures for everyone to safely participate in, the pet parent looking for a fun hobby for you and your furry friend, or the commuter in need of a reliable method to transport your equipment, Burley bike trailers have something for everyone. Check out Aventon’s selection of Burley bike trailers and products and don’t forget to reference this post if you ever need a refresher on which Burley product may best suit your needs! With that said, we hope you have a blast electric biking with your Burley trailer!

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