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Two Is Better Than One: Aventon’s New 2-Year Warranty

Two Is Better Than One: Aventon’s New 2-Year Warranty

March 14, 2023

At Aventon, we hold ourselves to a high standard across the board, from the products we make to the safety of our riders. We value the work that we do, and we believe in the quality of our products. To prove it, we’re adding an additional year to our warranty! That’s right! Two is certainly better than one. Whatever we can do to help you find more joy in riding.


Who Does This Affect?

Starting March 15th, 2023, anyone who purchases an Aventon ebike will now be receiving a 2-year standard warranty!


What Does The Warranty Cover?

With the new Aventon 2-year warranty, you’ll be getting the same coverage on materials and components as before. Same great coverage with one more year. Let’s brush up on what’s covered under the Aventon warranty.

Frames And Forks

Any damage to the frame and finishes, including paint and decals, are covered against manufacturer defects for all original owners. The forks, if not made specifically by Aventon, for example, the Suntour and Zoom suspension forks, are not covered by this 2-year warranty. They are, however, covered by the manufacturer stated on the Aventon warranty page. Also, any damages done during assembly of the bike are not covered under this warranty. So when assembling your bike, take your time and follow the manufacturer instructions closely. That way you can get on your bike as soon as possible in proper working order.

Electric Components

The electric components protected by this warranty are the motor, the battery, the display, and the controller. If any of these products become defective through a standard and controlled manner, and they were maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions manual, then they are protected under this warranty.

What is not covered, however, are damages such as corrosion on battery, nor high wear items such as brake pads, chains or tires. If any of the electrical components have signs of corrosion, they are not covered by the warranty. To ensure this doesn’t happen, take a look at our blog Taking Care Of Your Battery: The Ultimate Guide, where we go into detail about battery best practices and proper storing to prevent damage to the heart of your ebike.



Two years is a long time. But for those who are looking for additional coverage, they can! Aventon has teamed up with Extend, where ebike owners can purchase up to 3 additional years of warranty, on top of Aventon’s new 2-year warranty. More coverage goes a long way.



At Aventon, our customers are at the center of our world in everything we do. That’s why we’re doing this. We believe that our products are made with the highest quality materials and components that have been put through rigorous testing to receive proper certification for your safety. Remember that Aventon is here for you. Visit one of our 1,000 local partner locations nearest you to take advantage of this new 2-year warranty!

If there’s anything that we can do to keep you riding happy, we’re going to do it. Thank you for following along. We’re so happy to share this great news!

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