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How To Use Aventon Pace 500 Ebike Features

How To Use Aventon Pace 500 Ebike Features

February 22, 2019

Knowing all the features on Pace 500 and 500 Step-through e-bikes can help make riding easier and more fun!

To begin, power up your bike by tapping the power button on the battery. You’ll briefly see 1-4 green LEDs that show the current charge level, then a single green LED that stays on permanently, showing the battery is turned on. Next, press and hold the “M” button on the handlebar mounted controls. The display turns on, and your e-bike is ready to ride.  

If it’s your first time riding, we suggest simply pedaling for a bit without any pedal assist or throttle while you find your balance.

Once you’re comfortable, add some pedal assist. Tap the up or down arrows on the controls to change the level of pedal assist. You’ll immediately feel the electric motor turn on and begin to push the bike forward while you pedal.

In addition to pedal assist, Pace 500 features a throttle that you can use to propel the bike without pedaling. To use it, start pedaling for a moment, then press the throttle with your thumb. Once the throttle engages, you can stop pedaling. Press the throttle further to go faster. Your bike has a safety feature to prevent the throttle from engaging accidentally, for example, if you forget to turn the bike off when you are done riding. The throttle won’t engage unless you pedal for a moment first.

The battery is easy to install and remove. Simply unlock with the key and then pull to remove. We recommend making a duplicate of the key and setting it aside for safekeeping. The battery locks in place automatically, simply push to install.

Pace 500 features a walking mode. You can use the walking mode when you are pushing the bike, as you might on an uphill driveway or through a crowd of pedestrians. To enable walk mode, first come to a complete stop and stand next to the bike. Press and hold the down arrow on the controls for 3 seconds. The bike will move forward at 3.5 MPH / 6 KPH as long as you hold the down arrow.

The display features a backlight for riding in low light. To turn it on, press and hold the up arrow for 3 seconds. Pressing and holding up for 4 seconds turns it off again.

Hold the up arrow and “M” together for 3 seconds to toggle between showing your real-time speed, average speed, and max speed.

Tap “M” to toggle between the display of Odometer, Trip Distance, Voltage, and Elapsed Time.

If you’re done riding, press and hold “M” for 3 seconds to turn off the display. Press and hold the power button on the battery to turn it off. As a battery-saving feature, your bike will turn off automatically if there is no activity for 10 minutes.

You can customize the Pace 500 to your body using the adjustable stem. Use a metric hex key to loosen the fixing bolt shown here, on the drivetrain (or right) side of the bike. Then turn the bolt underneath the stem, shown here, until the angle of the stem moves freely. Adjust the angle to your preference, then re-tighten the bolt underneath the stem to lock the angle in place. When complete, re-tighten the fixing bolt on the drivetrain side of the bike to hold the adjustment. Test the stem to ensure it is secure and doesn’t move before riding. You don’t need to touch the bolt on the non-drive side of the bike, shown here.

The most common assembly error with the Pace 500 relates to the cable connection to the motor. If you get stuck and can’t connect the cable, remember to check the alignment of these two arrows which guide the way.

If you have any questions about the assembly or safe operation of your new bike, please contact us through our support page.

SAMUEL October 14, 2021

So far I’m impressed with my Pace 500 ebike.It allows me to cruise my city in a low pedal assist mode.Or to take off if I want with a higher assist mode.Riding this ebike is an instant pleasure.

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