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Beyond the Bike x Chris Morgan Wildlife

Beyond the Bike x Chris Morgan Wildlife

June 17, 2022

Welcome to episode two of our mini-series, Beyond the Bike, where we highlight some of our amazing Aventon riders and share their unique stories! We had the absolute thrill of meeting and getting to know Chris Morgan, a Wildlife Ecologist and Conservationist, Filmmaker, The Wild Podcast Producer and Host, founder of Chris Morgan Wildlife, and Grizzly Bear Fanatic. Chris shared his philosophy toward conservation, destigmatizing wild, magnificent animals, and the importance of connecting people back with nature. Check out Chris’s story and how his Aventure ebike helps him get up close and personal with nature below!



A current transplant to Washington, Chris’s fascination with bears unexpectedly started at the age of 18 and has since taken him to every continent that is inhabited by bears. Although he began his 30-year journey in wildlife ecology and conservation as a scientist doing research on grizzlies, he quickly realized that the world would never hear grizzlies' true stories of intelligence, unmatched resilience, or determination. Nor those of the beauty of our planet, from seeing a Grizzly up close and personally in the Canadian Rockies, seeing fresh Siberian Tiger tracks near Russia, to finding a herd of 150,000 Arctic Caribou marching across the Brooks Range in Northern Alaska. Pivoting to the podcast and film industry, he found his purpose in sharing the untold stories of wildlife and people, ultimately, hoping to reconnect people with nature and turn conservation into a social norm.


Chris’s philosophy toward conservation is a simple one: nature needs to be protected because by protecting nature, we’re looking after and protecting ourselves. Conservation doesn’t just save wildlife, it also saves humans. Chris believes that if everyone felt a connection to nature, it could be possible that through nature, we could all collectively feel a connection to one another as well. Given humans arise from nature and at some point all return to nature, he questions whether it could be a grounded space where everyone can see eye to eye. Moreso through that grounded space, we could also learn to be more conscious and aware of nature and wild animals around us. After all, wildlife is born on this planet similar to how humans are. The difference, they’ve been here longer.


Chris made a point that we don’t have to be actively working in wildlife conservation to still help make a difference. Through his platform, his stories have reached hundreds of millions of people, from all walks of life, who contribute in various ways to the good that is happening in wildlife conservation. With conservation milestones still to cross, Chris’ adventures, including while on his Aventure, won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With his work taking him deep into the backcountry, his Aventon ebike continues to get him to the heart of the action in record time while contributing to his environmental work to nourish and care for the planet. Until next time, check out Chris’s projects and podcasts, and don’t forget to connect with him on social media! As always, hearing from our Aventon riders is one of the best parts of our jobs, so if you know of someone who you think should be featured in our next Beyond the Bike series, leave a comment below!

Brian Nathanson June 20, 2022

Great article, I now follow him. I really enjoy these “beyond the bike” emails. They give me a feeling of community.

Bob Behrstock June 20, 2022

Pretty little video about an obviously interesting fellow with a satisfying and productive life. That said, I would have been more interested in seeing how Chris tricks out his bike to go into the back country. Thanks.

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