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Aventon vs Rad Power: Comparing the Aventon Sinch.2 vs Rad Power RadExpand 5

Aventon vs Rad Power: Comparing the Aventon Sinch.2 vs Rad Power RadExpand 5

April 28, 2023

The all-new Sinch.2 is Aventon’s favorite foldable ebike with new features and new technology! The Sinch.2 fits any lifestyle with its 4” fat tires, foldable frame, torque sensor and all-new turn signals.

That’s why we’re placing Sinch.2 against Rad Power Bike’s RadExpand 5. We hold ourselves to a high standard and believe our bikes have the innovation and quality components to keep our riders happy every time they hop in the saddle.

Let’s take a look at what sets these two bikes apart!


Picture this info dangling like a tag from the handlebars at your favorite ebike dealer and know what kind of ride you’re getting into before ever taking it for a spin. Let’s see how these ebikes size up and the possibilities to come once you’re in the saddle.

Sinch.2 RadExpand 5


750W (peak)



672Wh with LG Cells


Pedal Assist

4 Levels

4 Levels


Yes (Thumb)

Yes (Twist)


Up to 55 Miles

25-45 Miles (per charge)








68 lb

62 lb

Carry Capacity

300 lb

275 lb





45mm with lockout

Rigid Fork


Full Color with app sync

LED Indicator


Integrated front and rear with turn signal functionality

Yes (Integrated with Brake Light Functionality)







More Than Just A Foldable Frame

Out of the gate these two ebikes are similar in motor size, battery power and pedal assist levels. However, once we get to the sensors they start to pull away from each other. The Sinch.2’s torque sensor provides a smooth pedaling experience that mirrors a traditional bike. This can ultimately extend riding range and keep you in the saddle longer enjoying more of a fun ride.

The Sinch.2’s integrated lights that double as a safety feature with turn signal functionality will keep you seen on the road day or night, while communicating to those behind you for added protection. Its handlebars also have a new feature, with the throttle relocated on the right side and the power control remaining on the left, giving more balance to the way you ride.

The Sinch.2 is feature rich and tech savvy as compared to the RadExpand 5, offering more carrying capacity, more gears and a suspension with 45mm of travel. A higher payload, combined with more gears and suspension, provide more comfort and ease of mind on the road knowing the Sinch.2 can handle whatever comes your way.

In addition, the Sinch.2 comes equipped with a Full Color Display that gives riders all the important metrics they’ll need when riding, including speed, PAS level and battery life, as well as Aventon app syncing capabilities.

When it comes to Sinch.2 equipped with a torque sensor, more carrying capacity, 45mm suspension, Full Color Display with Aventon app syncing capabilities, turn signal functionality, and much more, you’re getting more for your money. The innovation and quality adds to the overall performance of the bike, making the Sinch.2 an experience that’ll change the way you ride over and over again.


Electrical Differences

The electrical aspects of an ebike make riding a bike more effortless than ever before. They provide that needed lift when you don’t feel like pedaling, making the ride faster, longer, and more fun! Let’s take a look at following specs that will provide better insight of the performance of the bike.

Sinch.2 RadExpand 5 Comments


48V 14Ah (672Wh)

672 Wh

The 672Wh battery has all the juice you’ll need to power the 750W motor and take your adventures off-the-beaten path.


750W (peak)

Brushless Rear Hub Motor


Brushless Hub Motor

The powerful 750W (peak) rear hub motor provides quicker acceleration and long lasting fun.

Pedal Assist



Four levels of pedal assist provides more options to take a break or kick it into high gear.


48V 3 Amp

48V 2 Amp

A more powerful charger means you can charge your battery faster and get back on the road or dirt trails!


Full Color Backlit LCD (App Sync Capabilities)

LED Indicator

As opposed to a simple LED indicator with black letters on a grey screen with basic metrics, the Full Color Display offers an interactive experience that syncs to your smartphone and much, much more!


Integrated front and rear w/ turn signal functionality

Integrated Front and Rear

Integrated lights with turn signal functionality is your way of communicating to motorists and other cyclists. The blinking light provides extra protection and ease of mind while riding on or off the road.

USB Charger



The hidden USB will keep your smartphone charged on the go so you can stay connected.




The torque sensor is intuitive and provides a smooth riding experience, while the cadence produces a prescribed amount of power once you start pedaling.


Unfolding The Technology

Once again we see the similarities between these two bikes in the motor power, battery output, and pedal assist levels. Then the Sinch.2 breaks away, offering a stronger charger, Full Color Display with app sync capabilities and hidden USB charger, as well as integrated lights with turn signal functionality.

The Sinch.2’s high tech features will change the way you experience the world on two wheels. Its Full Color Display offers important metrics and app syncing capabilities, and with the hidden USB port you can keep your smartphone fully charged while riding.

At Aventon, your safety comes first. By implementing technology like the all-new turn signal functionality, we can ensure there’s added protection for you on or off the road, from motorists and other cyclists, so you can communicate to them when you’re changing lanes and making moves. Keeping you as safe as possible is our priority, so you can enjoy the ride.


Mechanical Differences

Make the most of your ride with mechanical components that ensure a more comfortable ride, whether you’re hitting the streets or going off-road.

Sinch.2 RadExpand 5 Comment


Mechanical Disc

Mechanical Disc

Mechanical brakes can be applied by squeezing the brake lever. Through tension using cables, a moving pad pushes the rotor into a fixed pad to create friction so you can stop when you need to.




More gears allow you to use less energy when going up low grades or steep hills. When the tension is high, an extra gear comes in handy.


Suspension Fork with lockout

(45mm of Travel)


The suspension fork with 45mm of travel will provide a comfortable riding experience on rough road or rugged trails.


Mechanisms With You In Mind

Looking for a comfortable ride on rugged terrain? The Sinch.2’s extra gear and suspension fork with 45mm of travel offers more comfort and ease of use while you’re out adventuring the great outdoors. More gears means there’s more opportunity to climb low grades and hills easier than ever before while the suspension fork will ride over rough roads, gravel, rocks and snow! Discover happiness through motion rolling with the Sinch.2!


Physical Differences

The physical aspects of the bike can make all the difference. It can tell a lot about the overall comfort when riding around on two wheels. When there’s more options, that means there’s more opportunity for more rider’s to find the right fit for them and change the way they experience the world on two wheels! What’s the best electric folding bike for you? Let’s take a look.i

Sinch.2 RadExpand 5 Comment




The step-through frame is easy access to emobility offering more riders the opportunity to slip in and enjoy the ride!

Size and Fit

4’11” - 6’2”

4’10” - 5’10”

When it comes to one-size-fits-all frames, having a wider height range allows more riders to find comfort when they ride.




More color options means more opportunity to add more style every time you hop in the saddle and turn heads as you go.


68 lbs

62 lbs

The weight of the bike has more to do with the componentry and the durability of the frame than it does with just being dead weight.

Carrying Capacity



A heavier carrying capacity offers more riders of various sizes the opportunity to get outdoors and have fun on two wheels.

Integrated Battery



A fully integrated battery, as opposed to a battery attached to the outside of the frame, gives a sleeker, cleaner look to the total appearance of the bike. It just looks better.


20" x 4" - Gum Sidewalls

20" x 4"

(Puncture resistant liner and reflective strip)

4” fat tires can roll over dirt, rock and snow, no problem. Take your rides to the next level by going off-road to explore more of the outdoors.




Front and rear fenders will keep you protected when riding in different conditions by keep dirt or water splashes out of your face so you can focus on the ride ahead.


Rear Rack Included

Rear Rack Included

A rear rack can turn a foldable ebike into a compact utility bike to carry a cooler, fishing gear, or anything else you want to take on your ride.

Rear Rack Weight

55 lbs

59 lbs

The rear rack’s weight capacity allows you to know how much you can take with you on your next adventure. Load it up and load out!

Fold Size

46" L / 28" W / 30" H

41" L / 25" W / 29" H

The foldable frame can fit just about any occasion. Put it in the trunk of your car, store it in a closet at home, or tuck it away at work. It’s that easy.


Slip-In To More Options

While both of these bikes come with 4” fat tires, front and rear fenders, a rear rack and foldable frame, the Sinch.2 as compared to the RadExpand 5, has a larger height range and a higher payload offering more riders the opportunity to find comfort in how they ride.

Also, the Sinch.2 more variety of colors, including Quicksilver and Sapphire, and a fully integrated battery that adds to the overall sleek finish of the bike that will have your riding in style compared to the RadExpand 5’s semi-integrated battery that sits outside the frame and its generic black and white colorways.

Reasons To Love Aventon

In an ever-growing market, it’s difficult to find a brand that will continue to roll with quality and rider assistance, one that values longevity and persists in its efforts to make the riding experience last longer than the ride. Here’s how Aventon promises to change the way you experience the world on two wheels:

  • 1,000+ authorized dealers that offer quality service & test rides
  • 2-year warranty that protects you and your ebike for the long road ahead
  • TUV Certified Safety Standards to ensure your ebike and its components are efficient and safe
  • Innovative Aventon App that features in-depth riding metrics, plus interaction with fellow Aventon riders to share rides, photos and much more!
  • Group Rides around the country that promotes connectivity and a good time
  • Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging on all-new Aventon ebike models
  • FREE fast shipping on all ebike orders

The Best Folding Ebike

Aventon prides itself on the quality of design, materials and componentry of its ebikes. The Sinch.2 is no different. The implementation of technology is what gives the Sinch.2 its superiority in performance. Its torque sensor’s range and smooth riding experience, the safety and added protection of its turn signal functionality, and its step-through frames’ overall payload, color options and Full Color Display, makes the Sinch.2 the best folding electric bike 2023 has to offer. Its worth riding over and over again, on any terrain, anytime of year.

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