Aventon Elite Dealer Program

Elite pricing is available to dealers who make an opening 10 unit order of Pace 500 and Pace 500 Step-through e-bikes. Please inquire about exclusive territories for Elite dealers, available in select markets.

Aventon has been on a steady path of growth since 2013 with no signs of slowing. Our line is expanding to include many products pertaining to all disciplines of cycling while maintaining quality and affordability that we have built our name on. With solid margins across the board and customer service that is second to none we believe that we can work together to create a great partnership.

As an authorized dealer of Aventon E-bikes, you will have the support of a team that is dedicated to producing high quality e-bikes at affordable prices. Our e-bikes were carefully designed with input from bike shops and consumers from across the country. From the relaxed geometry, which allows the rider to put their feet on the ground while staying in the seated position, to the powerful rear hub motor and option to use pedal assist or throttle only. Aventon e-bikes make riding fun and enjoyable for everyone!

1. QUALITY - ONLY THE BEST! Aventon Bikes are affordable, stylish, and made to the highest of standards.

2. FOCUS - DESIGNED FOR ALL! Our e-bikes were designed to be comfortable and desirable for all riders.

3. NETWORK - GET CONNECTED! Be a listed authorized dealer on our website and receive qualified referrals.

4. SUPPORT - NO QUESTIONS! You will have timely support from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Please call or write for a dealer application

Available Weekdays

8:30a-5:30p (PST)



18457 Railroad St.

City Of Industry, CA 91748

Our B2B representative Andrew contact info

Email: avaldivia@avantsports.com 

Phone: (626) 376-9149