Unlock the great outdoors without breaking the bank with our hunting ebikes under $2,000. Want help deciding? Discover the best hunting ebike for you.

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    What’s the best hunting electric bike (ebike) for me?

    Choosing the best electric hunting bike for you depends on several factors, including your personal preferences, hunting terrain, and budget.

    Here are key points to consider when selecting a hunting electric bike:

  • Motor Power: Look for a bike with a powerful motor (typically 750W) to ensure it can handle rugged terrain. Be aware that ebikes with 1,000W or higher are often illegal in many states, making 750W a safer and compliant choice.
  • Terrain Compatibility & Suspension: When choosing an electric hunting bike, factor in the terrain type. For rough, uneven, or steep terrain, opt for a bike with quality suspension for better stability and traction. A front suspension fork with 80mm of travel is suitable for less technical terrain and helps to keep the bike's weight lower.
  • Fat Tires: Fat tires on a hunting electric bike offer improved traction on varied terrains, increased stability on uneven landscapes, and better shock absorption for a more comfortable ride.
  • Battery Life & Range: Choose an electric hunting bike with a battery range of at least 60 miles to ensure you don't get stranded in the wild. Although your actual mileage may vary depending on factors like the weight you're carrying and how much you use the ebike's acceleration, a battery with up to 60 miles of range should provide sufficient power for both reaching your destination and returning, even with additional gear and any game you might haul back.
  • Carrying Capacity: Make sure the ebike can carry the weight you need, including gear and any game you might transport. A capacity of at least 350 pounds should be sufficient for the rider, gear, and game.
  • Additional Features: Features like integrated lights for safety or camouflaged frames can also be beneficial for hunting.
  • Price: Electric hunting bikes can be an investment, so consider your budget.
  • Reviews and Brand Reputation: Look for reviews from other hunters and consider brands with a good reputation for quality and customer service in the hunting community.
  • We engineered the Aventon Aventure to be the best off road hunting ebike under $2,000

    It’s hard to find a better hunting ebike for the money than the Aventure. It has a 750W motor, a front suspension of 80mm, and fat tires to help you handle the rough terrain. 

    With a battery that lasts up to 60 miles, you can travel further than most hunting ebikes. And with an easy-to-replace battery, you can buy a spare to add additional range to your ride, or in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

    The Aventure has a 400 pound weight capacity, integrated lights and turn signals, and a camouflage frame with neutral colors.

    Out of the box, the Aventure is a class 2 ebike which can reach 20 MPH, with an option to unlock to 28 MPH as a class 3 ebike.

    The Aventure has over 4,600 customer reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5. With over 1,800+ shops and service centers for easy servicing or test rides, a two-year warranty, and UL safety certified ebikes, the Aventure is an excellent hunting ebike.

    For more details, you can check the Aventure collection page. Or seek out a nearby bike shop where you can test ride the Aventure and experience it firsthand.

    Struggling to find your perfect match? Dive in and compare the Aventon ebike lineup.

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  • Here are a few more considerations to find the best hunting ebike for you:

    Can I use the Aventure ebike for deer hunting?

    Yes, absolutely.

    The Aventure stands out as an exceptional choice for deer hunting, offering great value for its price. Equipped with a robust 750W motor and 80mm front suspension, it effortlessly tackles rugged terrain, an essential feature for navigating through wooded areas during deer hunting season. Its fat tires enhance this off-road capability, ensuring stability and traction in various conditions.

    Furthermore, its high weight capacity of 400 pounds is ideal for transporting hunting gear and potentially game. The ebike's integrated lights and turn signals enhance safety in low-visibility conditions, while its camouflage frame allows for better concealment in natural settings. All these features combined make the Aventure an excellent ebike choice for deer hunting enthusiasts.

    For additional information, please visit the Aventure collection page. Alternatively, you can visit a local bike shop near you to test ride the Aventure and experience its features firsthand.

    Do you have any reviews for your hunting ebike?

    Yes. The Aventure has over 4,600 customer reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5.

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  • What’s the pros and cons of a step-through vs. step-over ebike for hunting?

    Step-through and step-over ebikes cater to different preferences and requirements, each offering distinct benefits and drawbacks. Let's explore these:

    Step-Through Ebike


  • Ease of Access: The lower or missing top tube simplifies the process of getting on and off the bike, a feature especially advantageous for those with mobility challenges or for riders wearing constricted clothing wearing skirts or dress slacks.
  • Comfort for Casual Riding: They typically offer a more upright seating posture, enhancing comfort as you ride through rough terrain.
  • Inclusive Design: These bikes are versatile and accommodating, suitable for a diverse array of riders including seniors and those with physical limitations.
  • Cons:

  • Potential Stability Issues: Without a top tube, the frame may exhibit less stability, which could be more noticeable during high-speed rides or on rough terrain.
  • Unique Weight Distribution: The design might influence how weight is distributed across the bike, potentially impacting handling, particularly when the bike is carrying heavier cargo such as large game.
  • Perception of Style: Some may view step-through bikes as less sporty or traditional compared to other models.
  • For further details, consider visiting the Aventure step-through collection. You also have the option to drop by a nearby bike shop to take the Aventure step-through for a test ride and personally experience its capabilities. Or you can view all step-through ebikes.

    Step-Over Ebike


  • Enhanced Frame Rigidity: The presence of a top tube adds to the bike's structural strength and rigidity, beneficial for intense riding scenarios such as off-road trails or high-performance cycling.
  • Efficient Power Transmission: The stiffer frame allows for more effective power transfer, ideal for lengthy rides or climbing hills.
  • Traditional Bike Aesthetics: Preferred by enthusiasts who favor a classic bike look or engage in more dynamic riding styles.
  • Cons:

  • Challenges in Accessibility: The higher top tube can pose difficulties in mounting and dismounting, particularly for riders with limited mobility or those dressed in certain outfits.
  • Reduced Casual Riding Comfort: The more aggressive riding position might be less comfortable for leisurely journeys.
  • Restricted Versatility: Step-over models may not be as universally accommodating as step-through bikes, particularly for a varied rider demographic.
  • To learn more, explore the Aventure step-over collection. Additionally, you can visit a local bike shop near you to test ride the Aventure step-over and experience its features for yourself. Or view all step-over ebikes.

    Step-through ebikes shine in terms of ease of use, comfort, and accessibility. Their design is particularly well-suited for casual riding, urban commuting, and utility purposes. The lower or absent top tube facilitates easier mounting and dismounting, a feature that benefits a wide range of riders, including those with mobility issues or wearing certain types of clothing.

    Conversely, step-over ebikes cater to riders seeking enhanced performance, stability, and efficiency. These bikes are ideal for more sportive cycling, tackling long distances, or engaging in off-road adventures. Their design, featuring a higher top tube, provides greater frame rigidity and power efficiency, appealing to riders who desire a more dynamic and challenging riding experience.

    Ultimately, the decision between a step-through and a step-over ebike depends on the individual's specific needs, physical capabilities, and personal preferences in riding style.

    For those interested in a more in-depth comparison of step-through versus step-over ebikes, including insights into their specific advantages and applications, read this article on step-through vs step-over ebikes can be quite enlightening.

    What is a hunting ebike?

    A hunting ebike, or electric bicycle, is specifically designed for hunters to aid in their outdoor activities. These ebikes are equipped with features that cater to the needs of hunting, making them distinct from standard electric bicycles. Here are some key characteristics:

  • Quiet Operation: Hunting ebikes are designed to be as quiet as possible to avoid startling wildlife. This is typically achieved through the use of a quiet electric motor.
  • Off-Road Capability: They are equipped with features suitable for off-road use, such as fat tires, powerful motors, and robust suspension systems, allowing them to navigate through rough terrains like forests, hills, and muddy trails.
  • Camouflage and Neutral Colors: To blend into natural surroundings, these bikes often come in camouflage or neutral colors.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: They usually have a longer battery life to ensure they can be used for extended periods in remote areas where charging facilities might not be available.
  • Carrying Capacity: Hunting ebikes might include racks or attachments for carrying hunting gear, equipment, and potentially game.
  • Durability: They are built to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in hunting environments, including resistance to water and dust.
  • Legal Compliance: These bikes are designed to comply with laws and regulations related to hunting and ebike use in various regions.
  • Need help deciding? Read this article on the best hunting ebikes. Or for a simple comparison between Aventon ebikes, let our electric bike comparison tool steer you in the right direction.