Top 10 Aventon Electric Bike Accessories

Top 10 Aventon Electric Bike Accessories

June 19, 2020

Are you a fan of late night talk shows? If you’re old enough, you might remember the Late Show with David Letterman. One of the most popular segments on his show was The Top Ten List where he would seemingly have lists of random and sometime irrelevant topics such as “Top Ten Least Popular Christmas Carols” and “Top Ten Stupid Things Americans Say to Brits”.

Here at Aventon, we’re also fans of lists. Thus, we are presenting our Top Ten Electric Bike Accessories as recommended by our staff and customers. Browse our selection of e-bike accessories, shop on our online store, and read customer reviews of our products.

We carry a wide variety of e-bike accessories for all your cycling needs but we narrowed it down to these top 10. Without further ado and in no particular order:

1. Bike Trailers

It’s great to ride alone and all, but sometimes it’s more fun when there are more people to enjoy the trails with. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier”, especially when you are a parent of kids and/or a fur baby. Carry your most precious cargo with bike trailers.

A few of our team members have kids and they frequently tow their kids in them on their Aventon ebikes. We highly recommend that you follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions listed on the product. It’s always a good idea to also check all the contact points on the trailer and your ebike before each ride to make sure that everything is secured and attached properly.

Also make sure that your child or children are securely in place using all the belts and harnesses inside the bike trailer. These trailers are made for kids but there’s no rule stopping you from also carrying your pets. However, we do recommend you get the right trailer for your pet, to ensure the highest level of safety, those exist too! Bike trailers are great for larger-sized dogs. As a side note, bike trailers can also double as cargo trailers in a pinch but we do also carry a cargo trailer if that is what you’re looking for.

2. Bike Locks

Electric bike accessories designed for security are one of the most important purchases you can make. Ebikes are a big investment for many riders and the best way to make sure to protect your new ride is with bike locks. Gone are the days of clunky chain locks from the past where they were heavy and cumbersome. Most of the locks nowadays can be attached directly to your bike frame for convenience and ease of use.

Different bike locks now come with methods of unlocking. Whether you choose to have a physical key to unlock or have to remember a combination of numbers is up to you. With bike theft so rampant nowadays with bikes being in such high demand, why not protect yourself from being the next victim with a simple bike lock.

3. Bike Fenders

Some riders might not consider bike fenders as essential but we certainly recommend them. Their main purpose is to protect riders from getting dirty on wet, dirty roads but as an added bonus, they also look so cool and sweet. Our Level commuter ebike already comes with fenders and racks included but for the other Aventon ebikes, you can purchase them separately as an add-on.


4. Tools

We highly recommend that you have some bike tools and spare parts at home and in your saddle bag while riding. There are certain things you can do to fix and maintain your bike to be in good riding condition at home as covered in a previous blog. Check out our list of top 5 ebike maintenance article that might be helpful to you. If you’re on the road, you still have some basic tools that will help you avoid getting stranded in cases of emergencies. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We recommend that you have some basic tools such as a hand pump, a multi-tool, and tire patches to keep you riding safely.


5. Vehicle Racks

We know that for most riders, they start their ride from home, but there are some who like to take their ebikes on different excursions and adventure rides out in the mountain trails, beach, desert, or wherever their hearts desire. For those riders, we highly advise them to use vehicle racks instead of simply putting their bikes in the trunks of their vehicles. Vehicle racks are designed to be convenient and easy to use.

As with the bike trailer, do make sure that you are following the manufacturers’ instructions for installing and pay special attention to the weight limit and tire sizes of your ebikes since most racks are made for road bikes, you will want to get the right rack for ebikes. And lastly, do check to make sure that the hitch size is the same as what your vehicle can accommodate. If you are unsure, most Uhaul centers can install hitches for you to mount your vehicle rack.

6. Bike Lights

Going along with the safety first theme of helmets, bike lights also fall under this category. Bike lights serve two purposes: to see the road ahead of you and to be seen by vehicles on the road and other riders on the trail. When selecting bike lights, make sure to check out the lumens rating - they are an indicator of the lights’ brightness. The higher the lumen, the brighter the lights will be but keep in mind that you will sacrifice usage time and will pay more for higher lumen lights.

All front and rear lights nowadays are very easy to mount regardless of the bike you ride. You also have options for battery powered lights or USB charging lights. We recommend USB charging lights because of ease of use and convenience.


7. Bike Bags & Panniers

We mentioned before about carrying your cargo in bike trailers, but for some riders that would be somewhat clunky. For riders who ride more frequently such as commuters, we recommend they install bike bags and panniers on their ebikes. If you’re a commuter, these are some of the best ebike accessories to get because you can carry all your work essentials including a change of clothes if you need it.

Bags and panniers are also great for carrying other essentials such as food and water if you’re the adventurous type that goes bike packing. Other options include adding a bike basket, just keep in mind these are less flexible and will take up more space than bike bags and panniers.


8. Bike Pumps

While some riders might not consider bike pumps as essential electric bike accessories, we think that every rider should have a quality floor pump at home. Proper air pressure in your ebike tires not only ensures a comfortable ride, but is also a big safety factor. We do recommend that every rider check the air pressure on their ebikes before every ride since tires do lose air naturally over time and depending on the terrain.

If you are unsure about how much air pressure should be in your ebike tires, just like your vehicle tires, you can easily check the sidewall of the bike tires to confirm the recommended pressure or PSI. However, depending on your weather conditions, which type of road or trail surface you’re riding on, you might have to adjust your tires’ air pressure accordingly. Air pressure is measured in PSI (pound per inch) which can be impacted by temperature as well. Just keep in mind that hot weather will inflate your tires and cold weather can decrease it.

9. Cycling Helmets

As the saying goes, “safety first”. We are firm believers of always wearing helmets whenever you are riding a bike regardless of the distance you’re riding, whether it's a short ride to the neighborhood coffee shop or an all-day adventure on the trail. Accidents and crashes can happen anytime, anywhere, and at any point whether you’re riding slow or fast. We know that helmets have helped save the noggins of many riders including some of our staff!

As we mentioned in a previous blog, make sure that the helmets you purchase and wear are safety-certified as indicated by a certification decal inside the helmet. Please also note helmets do have an “expiration date” as materials inside the helmet do deteriorate over time. Also remember that the helmet must fit correctly, as a loose helmet will not offer full protection.


10. Aventon Gear

Last, but not least; ok, we’re going to admit it, Aventon gear is not essential but they're super cool electric bike accessories. Nothing beats rocking these caps and beanies while riding your favorite bike. We wouldn’t recommend wearing them on your ride because, remember, safety first with helmets on rides!

But if you’re just chilling at home with your family or just hanging out with your buddies after a great ride, why not be the coolest kid in the crowd with some sweet Aventon gear, this includes an Aventon water bottle.

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