Get On Your Ebike to Celebrate Earth Day

Get On Your Ebike to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2021

One of the main points put forth by proponents of ebikes, and indeed the main point about all electrical modes of transportation, is that they’re better for the environment and our Mother Earth. Proponents of the fight against climate change often use Earth Day, April 22nd, to remind everyone of the sorry state of affairs the natural environment of our planet is in and how we can all strive to improve our situation. This is all done through a lens of heavy doom and gloom.

Here at Aventon we’re positive people, and we think of Earth Day as a reason to celebrate our planet and the efforts, both large and small, we are each putting in to ensure that it can last for many more generations of humans to enjoy!

Helping to spread the earthly love we’ve authored this piece to show you some simple ways in which you can use your ebike on Earth Day to celebrate and show your love for our Mother Earth.

Commute Via Ebike

If you’re not already using your ebike to commute, but have been considering it, then Earth Day sounds like the perfect day to give it a shot! This is all providing that the weather in your locale is suited to cycling to work, as you don’t want your first ebike commuter day to be a dreary one that’ll never make you want to try it again.

Commuting via your ebike has many benefits including not sitting in traffic, alternative routes, daily exercise, and the freedom to use your ebike in the area around your workplace on your lunch break. On the way home, if you have no other plans, you can opt to take a different route home and explore your local area in a way you may not have before. If you’re looking for more reasons to persuade you to use your ebike to commute we produced this piece last year discussing why many are switching to commuting via ebike.

If commuting to work on your ebike is something you’re opening to considering but are a little hesitant about what it may take to do so, we authored this handy article covering everything you need to consider when commuting via ebike so as to make your ride as hassle free and as comfortable as possible.

If you’re in need of more persuasion to commute via ebike we also conducted research on how much commuting via ebike costs and how much it is likely to save you when compared to the cost of commuting by car. You can read the results of our research in this blog piece.

Run an Errand on Your Ebike

Need to drop off a letter or parcel at the post office? Do you have to run to the pharmacy to quickly pick something up? Did you forget that one important ingredient from the grocery store for your Earth Day BBQ? These are just some of the many errands we run everyday and don’t even think about how we go about them.

Well, for this Earth Day, you could consider running one, or all, of these errands on your ebike. Not only will you have a totally different trip, maybe having to deviate a little from the route you would regularly take by car, but you’ll feel the wind in your hair, see things from a different perspective, and, probably, have a smile on your face most of the way!

If you’re unsure about which route to take, if it’ll be safe, and how long it’ll take you, then take a look at your favorite map app. Overlooked by many of us, the most popular map apps out there all offer route planning for cyclists, so that they can be sure that they’re safe and comfortable on each and everyone of their trips.

A Picnic!

Your ebike allows you to load yourself up with all the tools needed for a day's adventure and take them with you with ease. Consider doing something to show off your ebiking prowess to your partner or your family and organize a picnic in your local park or nature area where you can all relish in the splendor of Mother Nature and the foods we derive from her.

Tell everyone where to meet you, load up your ebike with all the goodies that everyone will enjoy, and head out there to meet them. They’ll be both shocked and impressed that you and your ebike were able to facilitate this impromptu occasion all by yourselves.

Get Out and Recreate!

Simply, if nothing else, you can take your ebike out for a spin to celebrate Earth Day! You need not have a destination or a goal in mind, you just need to settle on the good intention of enjoying yourself whilst enjoying the great outdoors on your ebike.

You could just ride around your local area, heading over to a park or trail near you, or, if you’re more ambitious, you could take your ebike out to some local trails which permit ebikes and explore that area. If you’re not too sure about which trails near you have this accessibility then pay attention to your inbox as we’re working on this topic as we speak!

A Final Word: You Do You

When it comes to making a change in our individual environmental impact the possibilities available to us can definitely be a little overwhelming, and finding somewhere to start can leave you exasperated and, in the end, not doing anything. It is important that we all remember that even the smallest action, like riding your ebike to the post office, or holding onto a bottle until you find a recycling can instead of a trash can, will make a difference; no matter how small that action may seem to be.

Whether or not you purchased an ebike because of its reduced environmental impact or not your ebike doesn’t care; it still has that impact. But ebikes aren’t just a tool for reducing your environmental impact, they’re just as fun, if not more so, than they are serious! If you’re interested in delving further into the many benefits that ebikes have besides simply reducing carbon emissions then take a read of our piece on The Environmental Impacts of Riding an Ebike. We’re sure you’ll find many more reasons to start riding your ebike more often!

Dennis Vince May 05, 2021

Very nice bikes

Chris Biernat May 05, 2021

Looking forward to doing my part with my new Aventon Level Commuter.

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I want one but need it assembled

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Nice bikes. You ship to the USA address

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