Introducing Ramblas: Reviewing Aventon’s First-Ever Electric Mountain Bike With A Mid Drive Motor

Introducing Ramblas: Reviewing Aventon’s First-Ever Electric Mountain Bike With A Mid Drive Motor

February 27, 2024

Get ready for a more dynamic side of the Aventon experience with Ramblas, our first-ever electric mountain bike (eMTB) equipped with an intelligent mid drive motor.

This hardtail, all-terrain ebike offers the ultimate comfort on mountain trails or city streets. Engage its three pedal assist levels, top speed of 20 mph, and range of up to 80 miles to roam, ramble, and revel on daily commutes or off-road. With Ramblas, it’s mountain time, all the time.

Get to know Ramblas and all the new features that come with it:

  1. A100 Mid-Drive Motor
  2. eMTB-Specific Components
  3. New Aventon App Features
  4. Ramblas Display

Ramblas Review (eMTB) - $2,699

Motor: 250W

Top Speed: 20 mph

Range: Up to 80 miles

Size Small Medium Large XLarge

Rider Height






  • Battery: 36V, 19.4Ah, LG Cell, UL 2849 Compliant
  • Fork: Rockshox 35 suspension with 130mm of travel
  • Brakes: Sram DB8 mineral 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • Tires: Maxxis 29" x 2.4" Large frame, 27.5" x 2.4" on small frame
  • Drivetrain: Sram NX 12-speed
  • Dropper Post: KS dropper post. M-XL: 150mm travel; size S: 125mm travel
  • Controller: Ramblas Controller
  • Display: Ramblas Display

A100 Mid-Drive Motor

Aventon’s mid-drive motor was designed to give riders full control over their riding experience. By fine-tuning Ramblas’ three pedal assist levels, riders can customize how they ride, giving the bike a more personalized riding experience.

Exciting Motor Power

The power of a motor is typically measured in maximum watts it can generate. A higher wattage motor facilitates maintaining a consistent speed during rides. Aventon A-100 motors ensure optimal support across a wide range of pedaling cadences, enhancing the overall feel for a more natural experience.

Ramblas’ motor maintains a “nominal” output of 250w, where nominal signifies the sustained power output during a standardized test over a specific time. This is great for climbing hills and on trails, as well as rolling through city streets.

Torque For The All-Terrain

Torque, measured in newton meters (Nm), represents the motor's acceleration and climbing capabilities. A higher torque motor facilitates easier acceleration and climbing on steep inclines.

Ramblas’ motor delivers a torque output of 100 Nm, ensuring steady, natural acceleration and smooth climbing. This is comparable with other mid-drive motors, like those from Bosch and Shimano, which typically deliver 85Nm of torque. Designed to replicate the natural sensation of riding a traditional bicycle, its consistent torque delivery provides riders with a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

The torque gradually decreases as pedal speed increases, aiming to replicate the sensation of riding without motor assistance, preventing a sharp drop-off in torque.

Waterproof Protection

Aventon’s mid-drive motor is IP67 waterproof rated. "IP67" stands for "Ingress Protection" and it's a type of rating. The "67" part tells us two things. The first number, "6", shows how well it can keep out solids like dust and dirt.

The highest score for solids is a 6. The second number, "7", tells us about its protection against liquids like water sprays. The best score for liquids is 9K, which is usually seen on heavy-duty electronics and certain vehicles.

This means it has complete protection against dust and immersion in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Products with IP67 ratings provide a higher level of protection compared to those that are merely "water-resistant."

Water-resistant implies only protection against water entry to some extent but doesn't ensure complete protection.

Products with an IP67 Rating can be guaranteed waterproof due to their high levels of solid and water ingress. As a result, IP67-rated products provide more protection than IP65 and IP66-rated products, commonly referred to as ‘water-resistant’ rather than ‘waterproof.’

eMTB-Specific Components

Ramblas has more than just electrical upgrades to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast looking to hit the rough stuff in the backcountry or on the road. These upgrades include name brand components such as: Maxxis tires, Rockshox suspension, Sram hydraulic disc brakes, and a Sram 12-speed drivetrain.

Maxxis Tires

Ramblas’ Maxiss tires come in two sizes: 29” x 2.4” for the larger frame, and 27.5” x 2.4” for the small frame.

The Maxxis 29” x 2.4” tires are a premium choice for mountain bikers seeking the ultimate balance of traction, durability, and speed.

Designed to excel across a variety of terrains, these tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that grips loose surfaces while still rolling efficiently on hardpack. The 2.4-inch width provides a plush ride, absorbing bumps and offering stability through technical sections and sharp turns.

Constructed with high-quality rubber compounds, the Maxxis tires ensure excellent wear life and puncture resistance, letting riders push their limits without worrying about flats. Whether you're tackling steep climbs, navigating rocky descents, or cruising on singletrack, these 29-inch tires deliver consistent performance and confidence-inspiring control for all your mountain biking endeavors.

RockShox 35 Suspension Fork

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just getting started, the RockShox 35 suspension fork offers the perfect blend of performance, durability, and affordability to elevate your mountain biking adventures.

The RockShox 35 suspension fork is a game-changer for trail enthusiasts and mountain bikers seeking reliable, high-performance suspension without breaking the bank. Designed to tackle tough terrains with ease, the RockShox 35 suspension comes equipped with 130mm of travel, providing ample cushioning and shock absorption for a smooth ride over rocks, roots, and rugged trails.

Its robust 35mm support arm ensures stiffness and durability, translating to precise steering and control in demanding situations. With features like adjustable rebound and compression settings, riders can fine-tune the fork's response to match their riding style and the conditions of the trail.

SRAM Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The SRAM DB8 mineral 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes represent a pinnacle of braking performance and reliability for serious mountain bikers and trail adventurers. Engineered with a powerful four-piston caliper design, these brakes offer unmatched stopping power and modulation, allowing riders to tackle steep descents and technical terrain with confidence and control.

The use of mineral oil as a hydraulic fluid ensures smooth, consistent brake feel under varying conditions, while also being environmentally friendlier compared to synthetic options.

The DB8's robust construction guarantees durability and resistance to wear, even in the most challenging environments. Its easy maintenance and adjustment means riders can spend more time on the trails and less time in the workshop.

Whether navigating through muddy tracks or dry, dusty paths, the SRAM DB8 hydraulic disc brakes provide the safety and performance required to push your limits and enjoy the ride to its fullest.

SRAM NX 12-Speed Drivetrain

The SRAM NX 12-Speed drivetrain sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and affordability in the mountain biking world. Designed to give riders seamless shifting across a wide 12-speed gear range, this drivetrain ensures you can tackle steep ascents and rapid descents with equal ease.

Its construction emphasizes durability and low maintenance, making it ideal for riders of all levels seeking to upgrade their ride without the hefty price tag often associated with high-end gear systems. The NX 12-Speed features SRAM's hallmark technologies, such as the X-SYNC chainring and the NX Eagle derailleur, offering precise, quiet shifting and reducing the chances of dropping a chain, even in the roughest conditions.

New Aventon App Features

In-App Ride Tune Capabilities

Ramblas' Ride Tune, found in the Aventon app, enables motor tuning customization in Eco, Trail, and Turbo modes. This means riders can adjust the following ride-tune settings: Assistance, Max Torque, and Acceleration, to enhance the riding experience either via the app or handlebar controls.

Assistance is the motor's power contribution to the rider's effort. For instance, at 50% it adds 30 watts to your 60-watt output, while 100% adds 60 watts.

Max Torque

Max Torque can be adjusted to change the feel of how you ride. Decreasing the max torque provides a more natural ride feel and increases battery range.

Pedal Response

Acceleration determines the bike's initial power from a stop. Higher settings mean quicker response, while lower settings offer a more natural feel.

Ramblas Display

Same great features as Aventon’s Full Color Display, only more compact. The Ramblas Display is slightly smaller and repositioned to protect it from unforeseen circumstances while hitting the trail or streets.

The Down & Dirty of the Ramblas

The Aventon Ramblas electric mountain bike, priced at $2,699, brings a groundbreaking mix of technology and performance to the Aventon line-up. It features a powerful mid-drive motor and customizable settings via the Aventon app, making it perfect for both off-road and city riding.

Equipped with top-quality components like the Ramblas A100 motor, RockShox 35 suspension, SRAM DB8 hydraulic disc brakes, and SRAM NX 12-speed drivetrain, it offers a smooth and thrilling ride on any terrain. As Aventon's first electric mountain bike, the Ramblas represents a new era where biking meets advanced technology, ensuring riders enjoy every moment on the trail or street with confidence and style.

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