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California Ebike Rebates: Incredible Ebike Savings & Incentives

California Ebike Rebates: Incredible Ebike Savings & Incentives

March 14, 2024

As it stands, the California ebike rebate promoted by the California Ebike Incentive Project (CEIP) is set to release Spring of 2024. The CEIP will provide up to $2,000 of point-of-sale incentives to support the purchase of a new electric bicycle (ebike).

While waiting for the CEIP to release the california ebike rebate, there’s plenty of other great ebike rebates happening in cities and counties in California near you. See for yourself how rebates can make ebiking more accessible to you:

Los Angeles Area Ebike Rebates

  1. Santa Monica
  2. Pasadena

Bay Area Ebike Rebates

Los Angeles Area Ebike Rebates

Santa Monica Ebike Rebates

Beginning spring 2024, the city will offer a limited number of vouchers up to $2,000 to income-qualified residents for ebikes and accessories.

Pasadena Ebike Rebates

Pasadena Water and Power’s (PWP) ebike pilot program offers rebates from $500 to $1,000 for ebikes purchased within the city of Pasadena.

The rebates apply to new Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 ebikes with a limit of two per PWP residential electric service account. Non-qualifying motorized vehicles are scooters, mopeds, segways and ebike conversion kits.

Here’s how the incentives work for participating applicants:

  • - $500 ebike rebate for the purchase of a new qualifying ebike from a bike shop located in Pasadena
  • - $250 bonus for the purchase of a qualifying new e-cargo bike or adaptive ebike from a bike shop located in Pasadena
  • - Additional $250 bonus available for customers enrolled in PWP’s income-qualified bill assistance program

Bay Area Ebike Rebates

San Francisco Ebike Rebates

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) are offering eligible SFPUC customers $1,000 off the purchase price of a new electric bike from participating local bike shops. The program is called Electrify My Ride.

To be eligible for the Electrify My Ride ebike rebate program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 1.  Be a CleanPowerSF or Hetch Hetchy Power residential customer in San Francisco
  • 2.  Have a utility address located in an Equity Priority Community (EPC).
  • 3.  Be currently enrolled in an electricity discount program such as Hetch Hetchy Power – Customer Assistance Program (CAP) or CleanPowerSF – CARE/FERA program
  • 4.  Complete a pre-survey to claim your coupon and a post-survey 90 days after redeeming your coupon

Bay Area Air Quality Management District Ebike Rebates

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Clean Cars For All program offers qualifying Bay Area residents the option to scrap their old car in exchange for $7,500 in grant funding to use on public transit and for the purchase of an ebike and accessories.

Qualifiers also have the option to combine these mobility options to best suit your mobility needs, for example $1,700 for an ebike and $5,800 for public transit. Or just use all $7,500 on ebikes.

Funds awarded for these mobility options are loaded onto prepaid cards that are valid for either 30 months or until all funds are expended, whichever occurs sooner. Grantees may only use the funds on these prepaid cards for mobility option purchases, which is limited to public transit and ebike and bike accessory purchases.

Contra Costa County Ebike Rebates

Contra Costa County is offering local and income qualified residents $150 and $500 ebike rebates through their Charge Up Contra Costa program. Apply through 511 Contra Costa for the largest rebate option. Eligible rebate applicants will only be accepted after the ebike has been purchased.

Alameda County Ebike Rebates

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is offering all AMP customers up to $300 in cash ebike rebates. To qualify for the income-qualified rebate (an additional $100-300 dollars), you have to be enrolled in AMP’s Energy Assistance Program (EAP), which gives you an automatic 25% discount on your monthly AMP bills.

An additional ebike rebate will be awarded to Alameda Transportation Management Association (TMA) members who have already submitted and qualified for the AMP rebate. Alameda TMA members include residents of Alameda Point and the Northern Waterfront at Mulberry, Marina Shores, Del Monte, and Alameda Marina.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Ebike Rebate

The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Ebike Commute Program provides eligible commuters a standard voucher from $500 to $1000 on a new electric bike from participating bike shops.

Redwood Coast Ebike Rebates

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) offers a $500 ebike voucher for income-qualified Humboldt County residents, and adaptive ebike riders are eligible to receive a $1,000 voucher.

The RCEA ebike voucher is intended to be used in conjunction with the state’s ebike voucher so that income eligible residents will have the maximum amount of funding available to offset the cost of an ebike purchase. Income eligible customers are required to apply for the CARB ebike voucher before applying for the RCEA voucher. Eligibility for the state’s program automatically satisfies RCEA’s income eligibility requirements.

Healdsburg Ebike Rebates

The city of Healdsburg is offering ebike rebates up to $700 for qualifying applicants. The program requires are:

  • 1.  Must be intended to replace trips otherwise taken by vehicle in Healdsburg
  • 2.  Only 1 rebate per electric account

Rebate amounts include:

  • - $700 for low-income customers
  • - $400 for an ebike purchased in Healdsburg
  • - $300 for an ebike purchased outside of Healdsburg
  • - $50 for an ebike conversion attachment kit

Santa Cruz Ebike Vouchers

Part of the Go Santa Cruz program created by Ecology Action is offering a $400 base rebate voucher, or an $800 income qualified rebate voucher to any individual who is employed by the City of Santa Cruz or works in the Downtown Santa Cruz Parking District.

There are three steps to take before receiving your rebate voucher:

  1. 1.  Complete the application.
  2. 2. If approved, you will receive an email to watch a bike safety training video.
  3. 3.  Complete a training quiz and baseline survey.

Once you've completed these three steps, you will receive a rebate voucher via email which you will need to present to purchase an ebike at a participating bike shop retailer.

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