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5 Best Ebike Locks 2024 to Keep Your Bike Safe on the Go

5 Best Ebike Locks 2024 to Keep Your Bike Safe on the Go

May 13, 2024

Electric bikes (ebikes) offer better mobility and make commuting, riding to meet friends, or cruising around town more fun. With pedal assist and throttle features, you can ride farther and go faster, no matter where your adventures take you.

Looking to buy an electric ebike or already have one and want to protect your investment? Buy an ebike lock to keep your bike secure, whether you’re parking it in a busy downtown area or in a bike rack at a small riverside park.

Not all ebike locks are the same and knowing the different types can help you decide which ebike lock is best for your needs. From steel chain locks and cables to U-locks and the best padlocks for bikes, the different styles offer varying levels of security and practicality for different budgets. Choosing the best lock means knowing where and how you plan on parking your bike, how much you want to spend, and how easy it is to carry the lock around.

In this article, we’ll offer tips on choosing the best locks for your needs and share our best ebike lock reviews and top picks including:

1. Best Ebike Lock: Aventon Chain Lock

Best ebike locks: Aventon Chain Lock

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Lock Thickness: 8.3mm
  • ✓ Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • ✓ Material: Nylon casing with steel chain link

The Aventon Chain Lock is a heavy-duty electric bicycle lock designed for maximum strength and durability. The lock features 8.3mm-thick chain links with four sides. The chain link is wrapped in a nylon sleeve that’s weather-resistant to increase the longevity of the lock and prevent scratches.

The key lock comes with two keys so you can keep a spare in case you lose one or want to let a friend borrow your bike. For the best bike-theft protection, wrap the chain around the rear wheel, bike rack, and through the frame. To protect your front wheel, you can remove it from the front fork, place it next to your back tire, and run the chain through both.

At $49 MSRP, the Aventon Chain Lock is an affordable way to protect your ebike no matter where you take it. Lock up the bike on a bike rack, railing, tree, or other solid item, and get on with your day, without worrying about the safety of your bike.

2. Best Foldable Ebike Lock: Aventon Foldable Lock

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Lock Thickness: 8.5mm
  • ✓ Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • ✓ Material: Steel
Best ebike locks: Aventon Foldable Lock

The Aventon Foldable Lock features steel bars that are 8.5mm thick. A tamper-resistant disc cylinder lock prevents people from trying to pick the locking mechanism. The foldable design means this mini ebike lock is easy to take anywhere. It comes with a bike frame mount so you can attach it right to your bike to have security at your fingertips.

Best if you’re a commuter or running errands, this lock costs $39 MSRP — a small price to pay for security on the go.

3. Best Zip-Tie Lock: Aventon Zip Lock

Best ebike locks: Aventon Zip Lock

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Lock Thickness: 3.5mm
  • ✓ Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • ✓ Material: Silicone outer casing with steel internal

The Aventon Zip Lock is one of the best bike locks for ebikes if you’re just making a quick stop or want to secure accessories to your ebike. This high-quality secure lock features a silicone casing and steel internal component. It has a three-number combination lock.

Use this lock to secure your helmet to your bike as you stroll through the park or buy fresh produce at the farmer’s market. It’s also an easy way to lock your bike up to a railing if you’re eating lunch on a patio and can see your bike from where you’re sitting.

At $19 MSRP, this lock is a smart and affordable investment to protect your ebike when making quick stops or when you still have eyes on your bike. Lightweight and compact, it’s even wearable if you wrap it over your shoulder and lock the ends together.

4. Best U-Lock: Kryptonite U-Lock

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Lock Thickness: 13mm
  • ✓ Weight: 2.9 pounds without cable and bracket
  • ✓ Material: Performance steel shackle
Best ebike locks: Kryptonite U-Lock

The Kryptonite U-Lock is a good bike U-lock for people who are looking for a high-security lock to protect a commuter bike or mountain bike. Anti-theft protection features include a pick- and drill-resistant disc cylinder and hardened 13mm steel shackle.

The anti-rotation double deadbolt shackle prevents people from trying to twist, bend, or cut the lock. Extremely durable, Kryptonite also offers a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects through normal wear and tear.

At $70.95 MSRP, this lock offers a high level of security and peace of mind. Use it to lock up your ebike and rest easy knowing that it’s backed by durable construction and anti-theft features. Plus, it’s not very heavy so you can fit it in your backpack or toss it in your bike basket for easy transport.

5. Best Chain Combination Lock: ABUS Chain Lock

ABUS Chain Lock

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Lock Thickness: 8mm
  • ✓ Weight: 5.22 pounds
  • ✓ Material: Hardened steel chain and fabric sleeve

The ABUS Chain Lock features an 8mm-thick chain covered by a fabric sleeve to prevent scratches. Even the locking mechanism is coated in plastic to protect against damage. This bike chain lock is made of specially hardened steel for a high level of security.

The two-component number reels ensure you can see the digits even after months of use. The individually configurable code lets you choose numbers that you’ll remember. Cyclists can use this lock in combination with other lock types to maximize security when needed.

At a price of $94.99 MSRP, it’s the most expensive bike lock on this list, but it’s also one of the most secure. Choose this lock if you need a high degree of security and want a durable lock that will last for years.

Type of Locks for Ebikes

When it comes to choosing a lock for your ebike, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, consider that the different types of locks have different levels of security. If you have an expensive bike or want the highest level of security, you’ll want to pick one that’s made of thick steel and harder to cut.

You’ll also want to consider your budget. Stronger locks tend to be more expensive. Think about your bike security needs and balance that with your budget to find the perfect ebike lock.

Another thing to think about is practicality. Just because a lock offers high security doesn’t mean it’s easy to use or practical to take with you. Think about how you use your bike and what type of lock makes the most sense. The best lock may be one you can fold and carry on the bike frame, or it might be a bulkier lock you can toss in your bike basket.

Here are the four main types of ebike locks:

  • Chain locks: Made of steel in varying sizes, these locks feature multiple chain links that are secured with a padlock. Their strength depends on the construction and thickness of the chains, but they’re hard for people to cut. Since they’re flexible, you can easily attach your bike to most objects
  • Folding locks: Lighter and more compact, these locks fold up into a small rectangle making them easy to carry anywhere. They typically mount right to the bike frame and easily attach to most objects thanks to their flexible design. They’re not as secure as heavier-duty locks, but they get the job done
  • Cable locks: These are lightweight locks made of a steel cable, sometimes wrapped in fabric or a plastic seal. They’re less secure than other locks on this list since they can be cut with portable angle grinders and bolt cutters. However, they’re extremely portable and work well as a second lock for added security
  • U-locks: Also called D-locks, these tend to be lighter than chain locks and are typically hard to cut using bolt cutters. The streamlined design makes it easy to use, simple to carry, and most can be mounted to your bike frame. Keep in mind, it’s harder to secure your bike to larger objects since these locks have a small profile

You may choose to pick more than one lock for different uses and greater peace of mind. If you lock up your bike in a courtyard behind a locked gate, a lower security lock may work just fine. If you’re parking your bike in a high-traffic area, you may want to invest in a heavy-duty lock to keep your ebike secure. For other situations, you may want to use a combo lock or two locks at the same time for maximum security.

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