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Best Child’s Bike Trailer 2024: 5 Options for Easy Towing

Best Child’s Bike Trailer 2024: 5 Options for Easy Towing

May 9, 2024

What’s more fun than riding an ebike? Sharing the joy of an ebike ride with a loved one. With a child’s bike trailer you can redefine piggyback rides by towing your littles along with you. They’ll love lounging in the back and watching the sights go by as you pedal around town, through the park, or on off-road trails.

Whether you want to find a kid's bike trailer that fits one child or that’s big enough to fit two kids, there are several options on the market. When choosing a bike trailer, pay attention to payload capacity and the trailer weight to find one that meets your family’s needs.

And if you need an ebike to mount your bike trailer to, check out our list of the best ebikes to help you find the right model. Bonus: All Aventon brand ebikes and trailers are compatible.

In this article, we'll help you find the best child’s bike trailer that meets your needs and answer some frequently asked questions about trailers and riding with kids. Specifically, we'll cover:

1. Best Child’s Bike Trailer & Double Bike Trailer for Kids: Aventon Double Seat Child Trailer

Best child’s bike trailer: Aventon Double Seat Child Trailer

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Trailer Weight: 48 lbs
  • ✓ Maximum Weight Limit: 75 lbs
  • ✓ Price: $469.99 MSRP

Our top pick for the best bike trailer for kids and best double bike trailer for kids is the Aventon Double Seat Child Trailer. It’s the perfect trailer to carry around two kids or one older kid who’s growing before your very eyes. Use this trailer for a quick bike ride to the playground or a longer trek to a park to create lasting memories as you zip around town.

Simply unzip the front panel for a little fresh air, use the screen to keep bugs out, or close the rain cover to keep your littles dry when surprise showers hit. It also folds up for easy storage, and pop up quickly when you’re ready to use it again.

This double child trailer has a weight capacity of 75 pounds and features chest strap seat belts, just like a car seat, to keep the kiddos securely inside at all times. It costs $469.99 MSRP and can easily be used as a cargo trailer when the kids are busy doing something else.

2. Best Single Child Bike Trailer: Aventon Single Child Trailer

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Trailer Weight: 43 lbs
  • ✓ Maximum Weight Limit: 48 lbs
  • ✓ Price: $449.99 MSRP
Best child’s bike trailer: Aventon Single Child Trailer

The Aventon Single Child Trailer is the best choice if you need to tow a single child when riding. It’s not only our pick as the best single child bike trailer, but it’s also the best budget bike trailer.

The Single Child Trailer includes safety features like a chest strap seat belt and a durable frame for longevity. It boasts shock absorbers that increase stabilization and create a smooth ride, even on bumpier surfaces.

This trailer also lets you carry more than just your child. The rear storage space has plenty of room for all the essentials—from a small bag of groceries or a diaper bag to beach gear for an adventurous outing. When you’re not riding around with your kid, you can use the trailer as a cargo space to carry up to 48 pounds of gear.

Your child will love riding around in this trailer thanks to tinted front and side windows that act as a mini sunshade, without obstructing the views. The padded seats and headrest offer a comfy space to lay back and take in the sights as you pedal around town.

Among the best single-child bike trailers, this high-quality kid-hauler from Aventon costs $449.99 MSRP. The foldable frame design makes it even more practical and easy to store away when you’re not using it.

3. Best Bike Trailer for Furry Kids: Burley Bike Ranger Pet Bike Trailer

Best child’s bike trailer: Burley Bike Ranger Pet Bike Trailer

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Trailer Weight: 26.6 lbs
  • ✓ Maximum Weight Limit: 75 lbs (100 lbs for the XL version)
  • ✓ Price: $599.95 MSRP

The Burley Bike Ranger Pet Bike Trailer is ready to take your furries on an adventure. Our choice for the best bike trailer for pets, this stroller and bike trailer combo lets you take your fluffy sidekick anywhere. The roomy interior fits most canine copilots—choose the standard model for fluff balls that weigh up to 75 pounds or the XL model for gentle giants that weigh up to 100 pounds.

Mesh windows let them take in the sights and smells while adjustable panels enable you to weather-proof the carrier when needed. The included conversion kit lets you change the trailer to a one-wheeled stroller with an adjustable handlebar.

Costing $599.95 MSRP, this trailer is more expensive than some of the other carriers on this list.

4. Best Big Kid Bike Trailer: Thule Courier

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Trailer Weight: 35 pounds
  • ✓ Maximum Weight Limit: 100 pounds
  • ✓ Price: $799.95 MSRP
Best child’s bike trailer: Thule Courier

Designed to fit two children, the Thule Courier is a good choice for people looking for the best big kid bike trailer or one where they can take the whole gang along for the ride. With a low center of gravity, it’s easy for your kids to crawl or step into the trailer when you’re ready to hit the road. It has a maximum weight limit of 100 pounds.

Built for versatility, this bike trailer does it all. Quick-release mechanisms let you turn it from a bike trailer to a stroller when you need to maneuver through tight spaces or crowds. The simple stroller conversion also lets you use it as a jogging stroller and then quickly turn it back into a bike trailer when you want to hop on your bike. Plus, it converts to a cargo trailer when you want to use it to haul groceries or gear.

This bike trailer does it all, but that deluxe functionality comes at a steep price. At $799.95 MSRP, this trailer is $330 more expensive than the Aventon Double Child Trailer.

5. Best Bicycle Trailer With Suspension & Best Mountain Bike Kid Trailer: Tout Terrain SingleTrailer II Sport

Tout Terrain SingleTrailer II Sport

Highlighted Specs:

  • ✓ Trailer Weight: 21.1 pounds
  • ✓ Maximum Weight Limit: 55 pounds
  • ✓ Price: 1,720€ MSRP

A top pick for the best bicycle trailer with suspension and best mountain bike kid trailer, the Tout Terrain SingleTrailer II Sport has what it takes to tackle the most intense adventures with your kids. A single 24-inch wheel and rear axle gives you better capabilities to roll over obstacles, especially on off-road trails.

The bike trailer features a strong steel frame and roll cage to keep your kids safe. One of the best mountain bike kid trailers, it features an adjustable suspension system with 180 to 220 mm of travel. That means your kid will enjoy rolling over rock drops and small logs while squealing with delight. Compatible with most dropper seat posts, this trailer won’t hold you back or get in the way when you’re riding on rugged terrain.

This bike trailer is incredibly versatile whether you want to take your kid on a slick rock trail or mob down a groomed track at a downhill mountain bike course. Your kid will adventure in style thanks to the cushioned reclining seat and weatherproof covers.

At 1,720€ MSRP, this multi-sport trailer is really only for people who want to bring their kids on extreme adventures. Costing almost four times as much as the more affordable kid carriers on this list, these features come at a high price.

FAQs About Ebike Trailers for Kids

Do you have questions about kid bike trailers? We have answers. Whether you’re wondering if you can carry pets around in the kid trailers, are curious about baby trailers, or have a need to carry more kids, you’ll find solutions right here.

What Should I Do If I Need a Bike Trailer for 3 Kids?

Looking for the best bike trailer for three kids so you can ride around with the whole family? Most trailers only accommodate two children due to weight and safety considerations.

To ride with all three kids, consider combining the Aventon Abound cargo bike with the Aventon Double Child Trailer and the Aventon Abound Seat Pad attached to the rear rack to serve as another bike seat. That way, you can carry three or four kids at once.

The Aventon Abound Seat Pad is designed for the Aventon Abound cargo bike and lets you easily take two children on the bike in addition to your bike trailer. The padded seat is made of PU leather, creating a comfortable ride. Designed to carry up to 143 pounds and intended for kids between five and 10 years old, it’s perfect for one older kid or two younger kiddos.

Can I Get an Infant Bike Trailer?

Your infant can ride as a passenger in your ebike trailer once they’re at least one-year-old. Since children develop at different rates, it’s a good idea to check with your pediatrician to make sure it’s ok to start riding with your baby. When you do hit the road with your little one, check out these safety tips for riding with kids first.

Can My Pet Ride in a Child's Bike Trailer?

In most cases, you can use a kid’s bike trailer to carry your pet around, just be sure to double check maximum weight capacity. There are also add-ons to regular kid trailers that make them more pet-friendly.

Consider the Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit, which is specially designed to modify the Thule Courier to fit the needs of your pooch. It costs just $149.95 MSRP.

The spacious carrier and mesh windows are incredibly lightweight and breathable to improve your dog’s comfort on the trails. A built-in tether lets you secure your dog’s leash, so they can’t jump out. A removable padded dog bed adds a comfy space for your fur kid to curl up, and it’s easy to clean after a muddy or sandy adventure.

Use the large exterior mesh pocket to store Fluffy’s favorite toys like tennis balls and water toys. You can even use the pocket to store bike tools, like your bike pump, an Allen wrench to adjust your seat post, or your bike lock.

Do Kids Need to Wear Helmets When Riding in a Bike Trailer?

Helmets are always recommended when riding an ebike (even as a passenger in a trailer), and in some states, the law requires minors to wear a helmet while on a bike. Do your research to find out what’s legally necessary in your area. Visit the League of American Bicyclists to search for bike laws specific to your state.

Aventon’s first rule when it comes to safety is to always wear a helmet.

The Thousand By Aventon Heritage Helmet is designed to protect your or your child. Available in four different sizes and including an adjustable dial, it’s easy to find the right fit. Built-in vents keep your head cool, and a seamlessly integrated visor shades your eyes when you're rolling around on a bright, sunny day.

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