Aventon’s Updated Packaging Unboxed

Aventon’s Updated Packaging Unboxed

February 21, 2023

Sustainability is important to us at Aventon. As we continue to roll forward we are doing our best to be more intentional about how we produce and recycle our products to make this a better, cleaner world. Owning our own factory has certainly helped our processes and has given us total autonomy over the development of our products. This includes our brand new updated packaging. It’s taken nearly two years to get it where we wanted it, and the future is looking greener than ever before.

Aventon is doing its part today so that we can continue to ride the cleaner roads of tomorrow!


Rolling Forward

With the rollout of the Aventure.2, Aventon introduced the all-new updated packaging that promotes better construction, more sustainable materials, and a fun new feature! Let’s take a look at what makes this new packaging so great!


To make our packaging more sustainable, we’ve removed all styrofoam inserts and plastic zip ties. What took their place? Paper and cardboard! We’re now using a twined paper as tie-downs to fasten moveable parts into a secure position, then reinforcing with cardboard. This packaging is 99.99% recyclable. Even the plastic clips that keep the box securely closed can be recycled!


Ebikes are heavy. That’s the truth, and the way carriers handle them in transit can certainly rough the boxes up a bit. That’s why we’ve doubled-up our efforts. To protect the bikes, we’ve worked with packaging engineers to create a unique stabilizing design to promote quality outcomes for your ebike delivery. Our new cardboard is twice as thick and more durable than ever before, ensuring that when your Aventon ebike arrives, it's ready for assembly.

Take A Seat

When Aventon designed this new packaging, we tried to think up new ways in which to reuse the materials in a fun way. What could we make out of cardboard? Well, after you’ve unloaded the bike from its packaging, assembled it to your heart's content and hit the road with that smile on your face, there’s a surprise waiting for you inside the box. If you follow the lines on the inside of the box, you’ll find there’s an implemented design to be cut out and turned into a chair! That’s right! You can make your very own Aventon cardboard chair and take a load off.

It’s worth noting that while this is a great repurposing of materials, before cutting out the chair, make sure you are satisfied with your ebike and won’t be needing the box to resend.


In Closing

At Aventon, we want to continue this pursuit of creating products with the environment in mind, and we’re doubling our efforts to ensure there’s a cleaner future ahead of us. Let's keep rolling towards a better tomorrow!

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