Portland Design Works Soda Pop MTB Width Fender Set


These are the recommended fenders for Pace 500 and 500 Step-through E-bikes, tested to fit by our staff.  

PDW's "Soda Pop" fenders are a design you can feel good about riding. They are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. 

  • Clip-on design
  • Set, includes front and rear
  • Fits Pace 500 and 500 Step-through E-bikes, as well as many other makes/models
  • 42mm wide at seatstay bridge; 44mm wide at the underside of the fork, flares to 64mm at the ends to cover wider tires

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Portland Design Works Fender

A decent fender for the price and I like the 're-purposing' of Pop bottles. It fit OK on my Aventon Pace 500 step-over but was difficult to install on the rear of my wife's Pace 500 step-through.... had to cut some length off of the bolt-on tab due to the design of the step-through frame....and it still sits much to close to the tire on the front end.
Overall a good choice.


So far so good. Easy to install. Flexible. Had not ridden in wet weather yet.

Problem with fit for Aventon Pace 500 step through

Nice inexpensive fender but the rear one on the Pace 500 step through is. A poor fit and allows the fender to rub on the rear tire. Have to hold it away from the tire with a rubber band around the rear bike rack.

Linda, sorry to hear that this fender did not work out for you & we would love to lend a hand. Feel free to reach out to us at info@aventon.com so that we can help out.
Rear Fender Looks Great...

...on my Aventon Pace 500, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to install the front fender, with the bolts provided. The long one is not long enough to go through the front post.

I went half-way on my rating, since the mud line will only be on my front half 🤣

Julio, we appreciate your honestly & would gladly lend a hand adjusting the Fenders. Feel free to reach via email or simply give us a call (866)300-3311
Add on fenders

I purchased these fenders since I am an all weather rider. The directions that came w the fenders was very confusing, but I got immediate support when I emailed in. They are a good basic fender, but I still get a bit of spray from the front fender. I would buy them again.