Portland Design Works Soda Pop MTB Width Fender Set



Set aside the mounting bolts that come with the fenders as supplied by PDW. Mount the front fender using a M6 x 60mm socket cap bolt, attached with the nut included in the PDW mounting hardware. The M6 x 60mm bolt is NOT INCLUDED with these fenders and needs to be sourced separately (for example, from a hardware store). Mount the rear fender using a standard bicycle water bottle boss / rack / fender braze-on M5 x 0.8 bolt (one of these bolts is included in the Pace accessory box). The "half moon" shaped mounting clip supplied by PDW for the rear fender will not clip around the Pace 500 seatstay bridge; instead, flip it 180 degrees, facing away from the seatstay bridge.


These are the recommended fenders for our Pace 500 and 350 series ebikes, tested to fit by our staff.  

PDW's "Soda Pop" fenders are a design you can feel good about riding. They are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. 

  • Clip-on design
  • Set, includes front and rear
  • Fits Pace 500 and 350 ebikes*, as well as many other makes/models
  • 42mm wide at seatstay bridge; 44mm wide at the underside of the fork, flares to 64mm at the ends to cover wider tires


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Fenders are OK; parts provided for install are not suited to Pace 350

The Soda Pop fenders seem OK, although I just installed them and don't know how they will hold up with use. There are 2 problems in trying to install the fenders on a Pace 350 eBike. #1) the bolt provided to attach the front fender is too short (only 43 mm) to pass all the way through the steering column. I had to go to a hardware store and purchase a M6 bolt 60 mm in length (actually, 65 mm would be better). At 60 mm there is just enough purchase to use the included nut; you would need 65 mm length to use the fitted spacer described in the instructions. #2) The hole bored in the bike frame to secure the rear fender is too narrow to accommodate the M6-30 mm included bolt. I purchased an M5-30 mm bolt which was snug in the drilled receiving hole, but could be secured in place using a socket wrench, with appropriate nut, of course. Two trips to the hardware store, but mission accomplished.

Installation Is Simple

While these fenders aren’t made by Aventon, they are perfect for a Pace. Ultra light with nothing protruding (fender stay braces) that can get caught on twigs, branches, etc. I read Aventon’s instructions carefully, went to the hardware store and picked up the M6 - 60 bolt they mentioned, came home and had them installed in less than 10 minutes. Great choice. Excellent value IMO.

Still haven't gone for my first ride

Putting together the bike is not for the faint of heart. We ended up taking the bike to our local bike shop. They determined that the rear wheel was bent. We've been trying to get it replaced for two weeks and have been told twice that is was shipping the next day. Still no tracking number... Very frustrating!

Portland fenders

Bolt not long enough to go through head stem for front fender


Portland Design Works Soda Pop MTB Width Fender Set