Aventon Mataro Low Frame

Gloss Celeste
Gloss Red
Matte Black
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We know our crowd, and we know that you know track bikes. You appreciate the slight nuances and clean lines of fixed gear, and throw yourself into the history of what a track bike is. With you in mind we created the Mataro Low, our hallmark Mataro design with special low-pro geometry. The Mataro Low features a top tube that slopes towards the head tube, a style that has been a performance favorite among track racers for decades. When you're looking to stand out with that extra edge, look to the Mataro Low. The Mataro Low is back with its signature aggressive pursuit geometry. We have also added more color options to accompany this beautiful style frame. Accompanying the reputable black and white colors this year, are few more that are guaranteed to stand out from the pack.


  • Double-Butted 6061 Alloy
  • English Threaded BB
  • Sizes: 49cm, 52cm, 55cm, 58cm
  • Integrated Aventon headset
  • Integrated Seatpost Clamp


FRAME SIZE 49cm 52cm 55cm 58cm
A | Head Tube Angle 72° 73° 73° 74°
B | Seat Tube Angle 75° 75° 75° 75°
C | Top Tube 520mm 562mm 571mm 609mm
D | Seat Tube C-T 520mm 550mm 570mm 600mm
E | Head Tube 90mm 100mm 120mm 140mm
F | B.B. Drop 55mm 52.5mm 50mm 50mm
G | Chain Stay 385mm 385mm 385mm 385mm
I | Wheelbase 955mm 970mm 981mm 1008mm
J | Reach 387mm 406mm 415mm 439mm
K | Stack 518mm 535mm 570mm 593mm
L | Stand Over 766mm 781mm 802mm 834mm
Height                                      5'0" - 5'2"
Size                                           49cm
A | Head Tube Angle             72º 
B | Seat Tube Angle               75º 
C | Top Tube                           520mm 
D | Seat Tube C-T                   520mm 
E | Head Tube                         90mm 
F | B.B. Drop                           55mm 
G | Chain Stay                        385mm 
I | Wheelbase                         955mm 
J | Reach                                  387mm
K | Stack                                  518mm
L | Stand Over                        766mm
Height                                      5'3" - 5'6"
Size                                          52cm
A | Head Tube Angle             73º 
B | Seat Tube Angle               75º 
C | Top Tube                           562mm 
D | Seat Tube C-T                   550mm 
E | Head Tube                        100mm 
F | B.B. Drop                           52.5mm 
G | Chain Stay                         385mm 
I | Wheelbase                          970mm 
J | Reach                                  406mm
K | Stack                                  535mm
L | Stand Over                        781mm
Height                                      5'7" - 5'10"
Size                                          55cm
A | Head Tube Angle             73º 
B | Seat Tube Angle               74º 
C | Top Tube                           571mm 
D | Seat Tube C-T                   570mm 
E | Head Tube                        120mm 
F | B.B. Drop                           50mm 
G | Chain Stay                         385mm  
I | Wheelbase                          981mm 
J | Reach                                  415mm
K | Stack                                  570mm
L | Stand Over                        802mm
Height                                      5'11" - 6'2"
Size                                          58cm
A | Head Tube Angle             74º 
B | Seat Tube Angle               75º 
C | Top Tube                            609mm 
D | Seat Tube C-T                    600mm 
E | Head Tube                        140mm 
F | B.B. Drop                           50mm 
G | Chain Stay                         385mm  
I | Wheelbase                         1008mm 
J | Reach                                  439mm
K | Stack                                  593mm
L | Stand Over                        834mm


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Having owned a Celeste Mataro Low for over a year and currently building another Inferno Mataro Low at the moment, I can say that I have truly been impressed by this frame and Aventon's growth. The stunning looks, awesome and constantly changing color selection, quality of construction, and amazing price point set this Frame apart from all its very similar, but very more expensive competitors frames. Using the Aventon Lite Carbon Fork, this frame has taken everything I have thrown at it and asked for more back and the aggressive riding position makes the bike a complete blast to ride, well done Aventon!

Thank you Aventon,

Clean lines

I loved the look of this frame right from the start, and the ride was a real pleasant surprize. It's agile and responsive while being sturdy enough for a larger rider (6' 4", ~250 lbs). The aggressive stance is really pleasing and I regularly get compliments on the polished frame, which pops in person.

The Best

I have rode the aventon mataro low for a very long time and i love it. It's light and feels great on the rode. the angle of the top tube is perfect. Not to steep but it gets you in a comfortable aero position. did i mention that its affordable. i believe that its the best frame for a good price.