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Kuat NV 2.0 Base Hitch Bike Rack - 2-Bike, 1-1/4" Receiver, Black

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One of the finest hitch racks you can buy to safely transport your investment in expensive bicycles. Carries 2 bikes and fits 1 1/4" receiver box hitches.

Kuat's 2.0 NV Base is packed with features. It can tilt out of the way, so you can access your trunk without the rack blocking access. It offers built-in cable locks for extra security.


  • Carries two bikes, max weight of 60 lbs per bike. Removing your battery from your ebike during transport can help you meet the weight limit for racks.
  • Does not include Kuat's optional Trail Doc, but can be retrofitted with the Trail Doc later
  • Compatible with any Aventon bike, the rack also includes one Phat Bike Kit to accommodate fat tire bikes like the Sinch. Additional kits are available separately.
  • Fixed at 2 bikes - can't be expanded to 4 bikes with add-on Kuat kits

Customer Reviews

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This rack is really sturdy. I love the ease of use.

Charles Herring
Great product.

We purchased this product with our bikes to carry our 2 Levels on the vehicle we tow behind our motorhome. The packaging was good, and the assembly instructions were straight forward and easy to follow. The bikes were easy to load, cinch down, and secure to the rack. The quality is great! I loved having the receiver hitch pin and the locking cables keyed the same. The only thing I wish is that the locking cables could be removed entirely, so they could be used to secure the bikes to a pole or stationary bike rack, without having to have a separate cable to do that.

Anthony Gilmore
Love it

I needed a rack for my Aventon Sinch, which has fat tires. This was the only one I could find, in stock. I wish it was made for one bike, but it’s made for two, and I don’t need it for a second bike. Excellent quality, but very pricey.