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Color Display and Throttle On-Demand Controller Bundle

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For Aventon ebikes that currently need to start pedaling to engage the throttle, this controller upgrade provides the ability to throttle from a complete stop. Bundled with the new color display that allows you to connect to the Aventon Mobile App.

Controller Upgrade Features

  • Throttle on demand: Engage the throttle from a complete stop. No need to begin pedaling before you can start using the thumb throttle.
  • Smoother PAS Acceleration: Reduces the minor jolt feeling going into PAS levels 1 and 2 giving riders a more comfortable experience

Color Display Features

  • Full Color Display
  • Sync with the Aventon Mobile App
  • USB Charging Port to charge your devices
  • Additional Metrics and Data
  • Control Speed limits
  • More info


We highly recommend having the retrofit kit installed by an authorized Aventon dealer or a mobile bike repair and assembly service such as Velofix or Velotooler.

If you are the original owner of your Aventon ebike and are still within the 1-year warranty, it is a requirement to get the retrofit kit installed and verified by one of the options stated above in order to maintain the existing 1-year warranty.

  • Additionally, getting the retrofit kit installed by one of the options stated above will qualify your ebike for a 90-day warranty extension after the installation regardless of your Aventon ebike's current warranty status.

  • In order to qualify for the 90-day warranty extension, you must provide proper documentation proving it was installed professionally and must be the original owner of the ebike.

  • If there isn't a nearby Aventon dealer or mobile bike service near you, please contact customer service before installing the retrofit kit to your ebike: Contact Support

NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Be sure to select the correct Aventon ebike model


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Joejardene Palermo
Great upgrade for my Sinch older model

although the new on-demand throttle with colored LCD is for aventon adventure but still works great. I did a DIY installation and so far no problems with it. Riding is more fun and with ease specially from dead stop that u need to speed up when the light turns green and you dnt want to be honk by cars. I highly recommend it.

John Matteotti
Speed controller update

This is great, I loved my Aventon but close to the end of last season I was fed up with the throttle operation. My wife’s bike (different manufacture) is so smooth when it moves away from a stop and mine is jerky due to the need to peddle first. I was ready at the end of last season to get a different brand bike just to get this capability. Now with the new throttle update, I like my bike better than anything else out there for the price, even more. Interestingly my bike with 0.5 hp is much faster than my wife’s 0.75 even through the bike is 30 pound heavier and I am 230 pounds (100 pounds heavier). Hers is one of the higher end bikes on the market. I would have liked a twist throttle instead as I also have motorcycles but this is just fine now.
Jack M. (San Diego)

john mcdonnell

Very frustrated. Called customer support for info on Aventon new controller and brake pads. Support said these items were on the website They are not. Got the old runaround 3 hours and i am done.Buy another brand like Rad.

Hi John,

Thank you for your support, we do apologize for the confusion, if you would still like for us to see if we have available stock reply to this email with more details we can better assist you and possibly send over an invoice. Again our apologies here,

-Team Aventon

Bryan Zecca

It’s the best thing to have the old one was hard to see in the dark so with
Is one I can see in the dark because it has light

Hi Bryan, thank you for your review!

Joey Ramirez
Much needed upgrade

Reasonably priced and easy to install.