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Great bike and value

Did lots of research and rode several bikes. Retired so we pretty much stick to basic riding, such as Rails to Trails, etc. These bikes are perfect. Bought two, one for me and other for wife. They arrived quickly and was very impressed by quality. Easy to assemble. Video on their website was great assist. Most of the time we only use level 1 for assist. Battery looks like it will last over 50 miles under those circumstances. Hydraulic assist brakes work very well. Completely satisfied. Would recommend

Aventon Pace 500, an excellent price-value acquisition!

I am very satisfied with my purchase; The truth is that I consider the 500 pace to be an excellent price-value acquisition.
Very comfortable, has very good autonomy and is very versatile.
Only a small noise bothers me when I shift the gears and I imagine that it could be corrected with some adjustment and grease.
I wonder if they recommend any place near Miami Florida where I could do that adjustment or preventive maintenance.

Energy bar

I love the bike. It would be an enhancement to accurately display the remaining mileage on the battery given the current assist level and assuming a flat surface. Tesla manages to do this so I know it’s possible.
Also a calorie meter for those of us that use it as a means to work out.

I freaking love this bike

What can I say? I've been a bicycle commuter for a good while, but this is my first e-bike. The power this thing has is AMAZING! I still get that feeling of working my legs, but with the pedal assist, I'm absolutely FLYING out there. It's extremely responsive and not too loud, and it's a comfortable ride. I'm far from an expert bicycle mechanic (I can do simple work like changing tubes out), but I was still able to put the thing together by myself when it arrived without much trouble.

No trouble in inclement weather, either. You'll want rain gear for yourself, of course, but the bike doesn't have any problems getting wet.

Honestly, what more could I ask for?

Granny bikes!

I love the bike, but I could sure use some fenders. We live in the rainy PNW, and can't ride in the wet without fenders. They're always out of stock. Surprised they didn't come with the bike. I'm 74, and loving it!

Pace 500 ebike