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Pedal Assist
40 Miles
Average Range
Cruiser Frame
Wide Saddle
Most Bang For Your Buck

“Most Bang For Your Buck”


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3,458 5-Star Reviews

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

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Remarkably solid e-bike

“Remarkably solid e-bike”


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I understand the demand

“I understand the demand”


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Large Backlit LCD Display

The Pace 500 ebike provides the rider with ultimate balance of comfort and power. With an upright cruiser frame and a cushy saddle, you'll have excellent riding posture and will not want to stop the fun! Luckily, a large battery with fast charge capabilities, 3-4 hours until full, means that you can get back in the saddle in no time. A powerful motor gives you the ability to get where you're going faster than you ever expected, and five levels of pedal assist plus a throttle function mean that you can expend as little or as much energy as you like whilst doing so. Get out there and feel the Pace on our most popular ebike!

Large Backlit LCD Display

Backlit LCD Display

Monitoring your speed, range, pedal assist level, and distance covered is easy with our large, easy to read LCD screen. There's even a backlight for night time riding.

Upright Cruiser Frame

The relaxed, upright cruiser frame promotes great riding posture and you get the ultimate level comfort and ride-ability when perched here, atop the extra cushy saddle installed on the Pace 500. With all this you won't want to stop cruising!

Large Backlit LCD Display
Wide Tires and Suspension Fork

Hub Motor & Battery

A powerful rear-hub motor gives you the power to go anywhere, whilst a fast charging battery means you'll never miss out on any activity!

Pedal Assist & Throttle

Use the lower levels of pedal assist if you're looking for a workout, and use the higher levels to help you get to the top of that hill! If you're not looking to be pedaling at all then the throttle is there to power you along at up to 20mph.

Rear Hub Motor and Integrated Battery

*Aventon has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Aventon ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components. More info


Customer Reviews

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Sherry Hughes-Jones
Love it

Keeps a charge well. Gets me out on my bike more.

CLE Dave
Great Features! Great Price!

Just got my wife a Celeste Blue Pace 500 so we could ride together. (I have the Pace 350). She loves it. Love the throttle on demand, the light weight, the color, and all the many features. My Pace is two years old and hers is new, but we’re each getting nearly 40++ miles per charge, even with modest hills and using the throttle occasionally.

Marsha Bushur
My new bike

I haven’t had much chance to ride because of the weather (rain) but I did get to ride a couple time jyst short rides, but I love it!

Susan Ernest
New Pace 500

Loving my new Pace 500. Working on 100 miles before my Knee replacement next week. Will miss it during my recovery.

R. Bourne
Outstanding eBike in Every Way

I could not be happier with my Aventon Pace 500. What an amazing bike, especially for the price given the features. As I’ve gotten older (and slower!), this bike has allowed me to get out and ride again, making it possible to go longer and further than I was recently able to do, and all the while still getting good exercise. This is fun again!

It was easy to assemble on my own. Aventon provides great how-to videos on their site that were very helpful in that process. Love the display dashboard and the information it provides. The battery is easily removed and quickly charges. I’m a pretty big guy, and still have gotten around 45 miles per charge on a relatively flat greenway with a few hills, so not using it all the time throughout the ride. There is still about 20% left in the battery when I charge it, but I don’t like to let the “gas tank” to get too low.

Considering the power of that motor, the hydraulic disc brakes, the recent upgrade to TOD (throttle on demand), it is just an incredible bike for this price range. And with a little muscle, easily loadable on my bike rack at 49 lbs. Nice job Aventon!

1 year warranty


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“affordable yet powerful and versatile high speed ebike which gives more bang for your buck”
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