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Step-Through Commuter Ebike

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Pedal Assist
Up To 60
Mile Range
Torque Sensor
Integrated Components

*Aventon has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Aventon ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components. More info

“Most Bang For Your Buck”

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Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

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Remarkably solid e-bike

“Remarkably solid e-bike”

From Bicycling.com

I understand the demand

“I understand the demand”

From USAtoday.com

Level.2 Step-Through rear wheel

The Level.2 Step-through is the perfect balance of comfort, efficiency, and ease of use. Preinstalled fenders, a durable rear rack, and a front suspension fork mean that wherever the road takes you, you’ll be protected from the elements, carrying all that you need, without feeling a single bump. Its integrated features, like the battery and front, rear, and fender lights, will take you further than before while ensuring you remain visible to others, while the step-through frame makes hopping on and off effortless. Equipped with a torque sensor, Level.2 Step-through intuitively matches your riding efforts, giving you ultimate control over how fast you commute to work mid-week and how leisurely you ride on weekends.

  • Torque Sensor

    Torque Sensor

    Whether you pedal to your max or at a leisurely pace, our upgraded torque sensor meets you where you're at and amplifies your efforts. Experience a more natural riding style where Level.2 Step-through syncs to you, while also reducing battery used and extending your range!

  • Backlit LCD Display

    Backlit LCD Display

    Track your battery life, distance traveled, pedal assist level, and more at a quick glance with the Full Color Display. Charge your smartphone via its concealed USB and sync to the Aventon mobile app for access to additional riding data and to share your rides with friends and family!

  • Front Suspension

    Front Suspension

    Take comfort to the next level with a front suspension fork and up to 65mm of travel, absorbing both the toughest parts of the trail and the pavement underneath your wheels.

  • Rack & Fenders

    Rack & Fenders

    Pre-installed fenders will keep you protected from even the toughest of elements while a built-in rear rack transports everything you might need for your joy riding!

  • Hub Motor & Battery

    Hub Motor & Battery

    Commute with an electric twist! Level.2's powerful 500W hub motor and integrated battery will get you where you need to be in record time, with power still to spare.

  • Pedal Assist & Throttle

    Pedal Assist & Throttle

    Activate one of five levels of pedal assist for days where you want a little extra boost to keep up with the grandkids or rely solely on the throttle to ensure you make it to work on time!

  • Step-Through Frame

    Step-Through Frame

    Creating a step-through frame opens up the roads to everyone! For those who may have limitations preventing them from hopping on a traditional bike or simply prefer having frame options, Level.2 Step-through makes it easy for everyone to saddle up and get out there!


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Level electric bike in the streets
Level electric bike in the streets
Level electric bike in the streets
Level electric bike in the streets

Customer Reviews

Based on 2602 reviews
Toni Ogle
Level 2 - Step Through E-Bike

The bike arrived on time. It would have been nice to have a tracking number by email prior to. Everything was assembled and works. We had to buy an extension for the handlebar for it to raise higher than it allows. I don't like to be hunched over while riding. Waiting for that and then will start riding. Took an initial ride around the neighborhood. Worked well.

Carl Auditore
Delivery and set up

delivery and set up were seamless and easy.

richard bingaman

Love it

Daniel Lalonde
Only a few miles so far

Assembly was easy.. Just followed the video. Rode first without power to get the feel and it pedaled easily! Then I set pas to 3 and the bike took off quickly and in pace with my light pressure pedaling. I was very pleasantly surprised the power assist. Hit 18mph with no effort at all!!! I need more time - I'm really looking forward to a nice enough day in snow country to explore the pas levels. I'll review again when I can

Deborah Atwood
Makes me love riding a bike again!

As I have gotten older, riding my regular bicycle is no longer a joy. I tried out a number of Aventon bikes at an Electrify Expo near me. I decided to go with the Level.2. The bike came via FedEx within a week of ordering. The assembly video was excellent and had no issues putting the bike together. It seems well made with decent off the shelf bicycle components (shifter, brakes, derailleur). I really like the torque sensor (vs a cadence sensor), multiple levels of pedal assist, 8 gears. I was worried that an e-bike would take away the “exercise” part of biking too much, my worries are unfounded. I still find I get a good workout even with the e-bike. The only thing I might entertain changing is the seat - just not the most comfortable for me. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to many miles of biking with my Level.2