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Aventon Level Battery V2


Extend your range with a secondary battery, whether you’re riding Level or Level.2 for transportation or recreation. Built with premium battery cells, each battery is designed for an extended service life.


  • Lithium-Ion cells
  • For use with Level.2 ebikes and select Aventon Level ebikes only*

Does not come with a charger.

*For use with Aventon Level e-bikes with V2 battery and terminal only. Input the serial number found on your battery to determine if Aventon Level Battery V2 is compatible with your Level ebike. Contact Aventon Support if you have further questions regarding compatibility or eligibility.


What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Battery Life

I have now put 2,480 miles on my Aventon Level Commuter, and 500 were winter/ cold weather. I store the battery at around 40-50%, and charge to about 90% and only discharge to 35 - 40%, and that I believe has massively extended the battery life. It works like when it was brand new. As far as I can tell I get the same performance and range as when I bought it. Pretty impressive. I think some folks store these batteries at 100% and that would explain some of the bad reviews on battery life. Its really bad for them.

dennis t
Great Ride, Wife Loves It

After initial hiccups with the startup procedure, (operator error), we were up and running. Lots of get up and go, even at the lowest assist level. Very impressed so far.

Hi Dennis, thank you for the feedback!

So Far A Good Battery

It is impossible to give a review on a new battery isn't it. The jury will be out for months but, so far the 2 I received seem to be very reliable.

Hey GCH,

Thank you for the review. We are so glad that this has worked out for you! Happy Riding!

-Aventon Support Team

Greg Ragan
Great Bike so far

I've put about 50 miles on so far and am really liking my Aventon Level V2 so far. It was easy to put together. Controls are intuitive. No problems so far. My one complaint is that its quite heavy. Luckily I live on the ground floor of my building, but the few times I've had to move the bike up stairs, it was kind of a pain. Overall quite happy with my purchase.

We are so glad that this was a great fit for you. Thank you for the review and happy trails!

Unbelievable Joy to Ride an Aventon

I am 73 and I recently rode 150 miles from Pensacola to Panama City and 150 Miles from Panama City to Pensacola in 5 days. I even pulled a trailer with camping gear, cooler and clothing for 7 days. WOW WOW. I carried an extra battery and got almost 60 miles on the charge fully loaded with Panniers and a Trailer. I rode for the Parkinsons Foundation and I will ride all June for this worthy cause. Also Please tell ALL riders to sign up for Charity miles where other businesses Sponsor their rides and give to the Charities of THEIR CHOICE. Craig Chandler McDonnell on Facebook and I REALLY LOVE MY LEVEL 2

Hi Craig,

This is awesome! Thanks for the review and pedaling for such an awesome cause!

Happy riding,