Find the right ebike for you.

Try Before You Buy

Take a test ride at any Aventon dealer near you and try it before you buy it. This offers you the opportunity to see the bike in-person, get acquainted with the size options and the weight of each ebike with all its components, chat with professionals with first-hand experience, and choose the right fit for you!

Schedule An Appointment Today
Schedule an appointment online today then fill out and sign the release waiver so you’re ready to ride once you arrive.
See The Bikes In Person
Get acquainted with each model and their features to get comfortable before you test ride.
Choose The Right Fit For You
Each Aventon model comes in standard and step-through frames. Try them on for size and see which one is most comfortable for you.
Get Professional First-Hand Assistance
Aventon dealers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ebikes with first-hand experience to answer all your questions.

Change the way you experience the world

What to expect and how to be prepeared for your test ride.


You have been instructed on safety and operation items before riding
ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
Bicycles are subject to all the laws of the road (some areas may have added laws for bikes).
I have been shown the proper use of brakes, gears, and releases for wheels, seat posts, and brakes.
The final selection of this demo bicycle has been my own decision.
Reflectors are a safety unit and should not be removed.
Riding a demo bike is my responsibility.
Lights are required by law when riding at night (or dusk, dawn, or poor visibility).
California Law prohibits operating a bicycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
The bike has limitations and should be used on appropriate terrain and with care.
Control can be impaired while riding in/on wet, sandy, loose terrain, rocks, rain, snow, ice, sleet, hail, etc.
It is most safe to ride within your own limits.
You will not remove, modify or replace any original equipment.
You will personally guarantee the safety of this bicycle. If any parts or broken or it happens to be stolen you take full responsibility to pay for the parts and cost of this bicycle.
I also agree to full responsibility for any injuries that may occur. I will not sue Bicycle Warehouse or Intense cycles for any bodily, mental or physical injuries or loss that may occur due to riding this demo bicycle. I will inspect the bicycle personally before riding it to make sure all quick releases and bolts are tightened and in proper working condition.
You also agree to have a pre-authorization of your credit card placed in case the bicycle is stolen and to leave a photocopy of your ID.
By initialing each item on the above checklist, I have indicated my complete understanding of each of these points, and I acknowledge my responsibilities regarding the contents.

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Take a test ride at one of many local bike shops near you.