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Powerful Cruiser Ebike

Looking for a casual ebike that can still pack some power on command? Say no more. Pace 500.2 is all that, and then some, with its comfortable features and resilient motor.

Step-Through Fat Tire Ebike

Effortlessly hop in the saddle and go wherever your wanderlust takes you. The Aventure.2 is packed with power and technological innovation that’ll stand up to the test of time, day or night.

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Aventure.2 Step-Through Cobalt Blue


Step-Through Ebike


Aventure.2 Ebike Slate Grey




Frame Style


Step Over

Top Speed

28 MPH

28 MPH


Up To 60 Miles

Up To 60 Miles


Regular 4’11" - 5’7"

Large 5’7" - 6’1"

Regular 5’3" - 5’10"

Large 5’10" - 6’4"

Payload Capacity

400 lbs

400 lbs


For all your all-terrain adventures.

For all your all-terrain adventures.

Best Female E-Bikes for Sale

A womens ebike is simply any ebike that has the desired fit and features. The bottom line is this, if you love it and it fits, it’s meant for you! Below, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular electric bikes for women based on our own customers. But remember, these electric bicycles are by no means strictly bikes for women. So, get to know more about Aventon’s ebike line up, have some fun exploring our options, and find your right fit!

Aventure Step-through

John Doe - 09/08/1994


So far perfect for this old guy lots of fun and easy on my knees 😊.

So much fun

Robert Lynn - 05/20/2022


This E bike is awesome. I'm out riding 5-6 times a week now, it was a few times a month before I got it. So much better than a golf cart here at the beach.

Great bike!

Casey Fortin - 05/20/2022


So far perfect for this old guy lots of fun and easy on my knees 😊.