Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Please proceed to the shopping cart page. If you see your country listed, we ship there. If your country is not listed and you can’t proceed with checkout, we don’t ship to your location.

Q: Which items can be shipped internationally?

A: Most items we sell can be shipped internationally. Notably, e-bikes cannot be shipped internationally due to the size of the battery. There are also limitations on the box size on international shipments, which means that some large/bulky items can’t be shipped internationally.



Q: What size Aventon bicycle should I buy?

A: Click “Find my Size” on the page with the bicycle you are interested in to see a geometry chart and our size recommendations based on your height.


Q: What are the weight limits on Aventon bikes? 

A: The weight limits on Aventon bikes are 250 lbs for the rider and 50 lbs for cargo. 



Q: What do I need to ride my bike at night?

A: Reflectors aren’t enough for riding in low-light conditions. You need lights.



Q: What are the SHIS sizes of the headsets on Aventon bikes?

A: 2012-2016 Mataro with straight 1 ⅛” fork and head tube: ZS44/28.6|ZS44/30

2017+ Mataro with tapered fork and head tube: IS42/28.6|IS52/40

2017+ Mataro Low with tapered fork and head tube:

2012-2016 Cordoba with straight 1 ⅛” fork and head tube: ZS44/28.6|ZS44/30

2017+ Cordoba with tapered fork and head tube: IS42/28.6|IS52/40

Kijote: Zerostack 44, ZS44/28.6|ZS44/30

Andreas: 28.6 x 34 x 30mm, traditional 1 ⅛” external cup type (like Cane Creek EC34)



Q: I have an older Mataro or Cordoba with a straight 1 1/8" steerer tube. Can I fit a tapered 1.5" - 1 1/8" fork on it?

A: No, this is not possible. 


Q: What is the dropout spacing on Aventon track and fixed gear models?

A: 100mm front, 120mm rear


Q: I want to put a fork that uses a straight 1 1/8" steerer tube on my newer Mataro or Cordoba that uses a tapered steerer tube. Is this possible?

A: Yes, this is possible by using this conversion headset bottom cup from Cane Creek. Remove the bottom headset cup and bearing and replace it with the new Cane Creek cup, bearing, and crown race. This will allow you to use a "classic" 1 1/8" straight steerer tube fork in the "modern" tapered frame. 


Q: I have a frame (not an Aventon) that looks sort of like the old "classic" Aventon Mataro where the seatpost goes in. Will the Aventon Mataro wedge - clamp work on my frame? 

A: No it won't. We are not aware of any other makes/models that will accept the Mataro wedge clamp except for the Mataro it was built for.  


Q: I have an older "classic" Aventon Mataro that takes a 27.2mm round seatpost. Will the aero carbon wing seatpost from the "modern" Mataro fit on it? 

A: No, the aero carbon post will not fit the older Mataro frames, only the "modern" Mataro frames it was specifically designed for. 



Q: Do the components of the Pace 500 and Pace 350 ebikes interchange?  

A: Some components interchange across the line of Pace ebikes, like saddles, seatposts, handlebars, and grips. The ebike-specific components, however, like batteries, controllers, displays, and motor do not interchange. Pace 350 is a 36V system vs. 48V on the Pace 500 and these parts are not compatible. 


Q: My Pace ebike is too fast for me, or exceed my local speed limit, or only Class I ebikes are allowed on my favorite bike path. 

A: Pace ebikes can have the speed limit changed using the settings in the control panel and can be set lowered if desired to comply with local laws. Pace ebikes can also have the throttle unplugged and removed (but will continue to run on pedal assist) if desired in locations where throttle bikes are not permitted. 


Q: On the Pace line of ebikes, I can't use the throttle from a dead stop, only once I'm pedaling. Why?  

A: This is a safety feature to prevent you from accidentally engaging the throttle while parking or standing with the bike, if you forget to turn it off and then hit the throttle accidentally. You can engage the throttle at any time while you are pedaling. If you are at a dead stop, you can push the throttle, start pedaling (about one pedal revolution), then stop pedaling, and the bike will stay in throttle mode. 


Q: How many times can I recharge my ebike battery? 

A: Lithium-Ion ebike batteries use a similar technology to your laptop or mobile phone. They can absorb about 500 charging cycles before performance starts to degrade. Afterwards, they can continue to be recharged, however, their capacity will decrease. 


Q: Can I put a suspension fork on the Pace ebike? 

A: Yes, it is possible to put a suspension fork on the Pace line of ebikes. You would need a replacement fork with these specs: 1 1/8" to 1.5" tapered steerer tube, 51mm IS mount for disc brakes (or a 74mm mount with an add-on adapter to 51mm), 27.5" / 650B wheel size, and the quick release / open type dropout style. 


Q: Can I put a suspension seatpost on the Pace ebike? 

A: Yes, you can add a suspension seatpost to your ebike. Shop for a model with the same diameter as the seatpost you are replacing. The seatpost diameter is stamped on the post, near the minimum insertion mark. 


Q: How fast can the Pace 500 go? 

A: We ship the Pace 500 ebike in a "Class III" configuration to meet ebike laws which have been adopted in many states. The user can modify the speed limit using the settings, for example, if you live in a state without ebike laws, or if you are riding on private property. During our testing, we have found that the Pace 500 can achieve about 4 MPH over factory settings on flat ground if you remove the speed limit. 


Q: Do I have to wear a helmet when riding an ebike? 

A: This depends on the specific ebike class you are riding (I, II, or III), your age, and your state. For more information, visit this page and click on your state. 


Q: What rear rack fits the Aventon Pace e-bikes?

A: We recommend the Planet Bike Eco Rack. The Pace 500 size S and M need an add-on Planet Bike Extended Length mounting kit. The Pace 500 size L does not need this kit. The Pace 500 Step-through in size S and M need the extended length mounting kit.


Q: How should I care for my e-bike battery?

A: Please read this article,  Caring for your e-bike battery.


Q: How can I calculate the capacity of an e-bike battery?

A: E-bike battery capacity is measured in Watt-Hours, or Wh. This is the size of the “fuel tank” on the e-bike. Like a car, some motors guzzle fuel, others sip. To calculate the capacity, multiply the voltage (V) used on the bike by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating. For the Aventon Pace 500, for example, multiply 48Vby 11.6Ah = 556.8 Wh. More Watt-Hours equals more range for your e-bike.


Q: Why does the battery life / LED lights on the e-bike battery not match the battery life bar on the display / head unit? 

A: The LEDs on the battery itself how much "raw charge" is left on the battery without considering usage factors. The battery life on the display is "Smart" and is attempting to provide a more accurate estimate based on the rider's speed, level of pedal assist, load on the motor, temperature, and other factors, so the two will not necessarily match. In general the battery readout on the display is a more accurate answer to the question "how much juice do I have left to get home?"


Q: How fast do Aventon Ebikes go?

A: Our Pace 500 models have a max speed of 28 MPH on pedal assist and 20 MPH on throttle. Our Pace 350 models have a max speed of 20 MPH on pedal assist and throttle. Sinch foldable electric bike goes 20 MPH on throttle and pedal assist. Level Commuter electric bike goes 28 MPH on pedal assist and 20 MPH on throttle.