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Compare Aventon Ebikes - Help me Choose

Need some help choosing the right Aventon ebike? We're here to help. All Aventon ebikes share some features in common, including: 

  • Lithium-Ion batteries and powerful, brushless electric motors
  • Electric pedal assist (the motor pushes you faster when you pedal, up to 20 or 28 MPH depending on model)
  • Throttle-only operation (the bike can go up to 20 MPH without pedaling)
  • Backlit, high-resolution easy to read displays and convenient push button controls right on the handlebar

Aventon has 3 primary ebike types: 

  • Pace, a comfortable, laid-back style that allows riders to put their feet flat on the ground while seated
  • Sinch, a folding model with huge fat tires for all-terrain use
  • Level, a sporty model designed for commuting in urban environments

Let's take a look at each. 

Aventon Pace

Pace comes in two options, a faster, sporty model called Pace 500 capable of up to 28 MPH, and Pace 350, which is focused on leisure, which does up to 20 MPH. Pace is a great choice for riders who want to sit upright without bending over to reach the handlebar. If you want a "beach cruiser" style bike, Pace is a great fit. Additionally, you can choose from a traditional frame or a step-through frame type. The step-through version is useful for very short riders, riders with poor hip flexibility who might have difficulty swing a leg over the saddle, or for riding in a dress. Riders who want a lot of assistance on steep hills will appreciate the extra power of the Pace 500, casual riders on flat terrain are best served by the Pace 350. Shop Pace 500, Pace 500 Step-Through, Pace 350, or Pace 350 Step-Through

Aventon Sinch

Sinch is a folding ebike that collapses down for storage or transport, making it easy to park under a desk or in a coat closet. It uses huge, fat tires and includes a suspension fork, so you can ride it on all terrain, from rough city streets to grass, dirt, sand or even snow. Sinch is a great choice for exploring, camping, or bringing along on an RV trip. Sinch is a Class II ebike capable of up to 20 MPH on pedal assist or throttle. Shop the Aventon Sinch ebike

Aventon Level

The Level is designed to replace a car in urban environments. You can use it to commute to work or school at up to 28 MPH on pedal assist (helps you keep up with traffic) or up to 20 MPH on throttle (arrive without breaking a sweat!) It offers sportier handling and a more aggressive riding position compared to the Pace. Level includes convenience features for commuters like a rear rack for carrying a laptop, lunch, or change of clothes, and fenders to keep you dry on rainy days. It's also very stealthy with hidden, snag-free internal cable routing and a hidden battery, so from a distance, it's hard to tell it's an ebike. Shop Aventon Level ebike.  (available Feb 12, 2020)