Women's Ebike

Women’s Electric Bikes

Bikes don’t discriminate, and neither do we! Aventon’s entire lineup of electric bicycles are for everyone. So what’s the best electric bike for women? Any ebike you choose! If the bike fits, ride it! It’s that simple.

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Powerful Fat Tire Ebike

Go wherever your wanderlust takes you with Aventon’s fat tire ebike, the Aventure. Robust and technologically innovative, it has what it takes to go off route and find freedom in all terrains.

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Easy Riding Cruiser Ebike

Looking for a casual ebike that can still pack some power on command? Say no more. With the Pace 500.2 you can cruise comfortably all over town in comfort without breaking a sweat.

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Crosstown Classic Ebike

Aventon’s Soltera 7-speed was made for those who like to ride for the thrill of it. Its lightweight frame makes it easier to zip around town, whether you’re flying around corners or carrying it up a flight of stairs.

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Dependable Commuter Ebike

Beat traffic with the ever-dependable Level. A commuter ebike made to make the everyday ride easier than ever before. Run errands? Why not ride errands.

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