Meet Bre: The Denver food blogger who is so much more than whats on her plate

Meet Bre: The Denver food blogger who is so much more than whats on her plate.

When Bre Patterson isn’t busy being a young entrepreneur, social media guru, author/influencer/blogger, you can find her playing ball with her sheepadoodle Tillie, enjoying the outdoors (usually with a glass of wine in hand or on her bike - but never at the same time), or being super competitive at board games. The best part of Bre’s job is meeting the people and cultures that inspire the cuisine she shares. Bre believes the best friendships are built over good food and great conversations.

How Bre Rides!

I love sipping wine on my patio, cuddling my pup Tillie, gardening, hiking, traveling, working on projects for my house and being a Sherpa for my cyclist fiance.

- Bre Patterson of


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How Bre Rides!


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