Our 2016 ambassadors, a solid group of racers and commuters. Individuals that are dedicated to every aspect of their craft, loyal to the Aventon name and hungry for opportunity. We chose this starting group because of their integrity and dedication to fixed gear cycling. Read more about them below!


I started riding as a commuter in Boston in 2004. Participated in my first Wolfpack Hustle ride in 2006 when I moved to LA. I am one of the original members of Shewolf Attack Team an all female race team based in LA. I have raced alley cats and track for 5 years. I have 1 year of cyclocross racing experience. My greatest achievement racing would be winning dog tags for first place womens fixed at the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race in 2011 and also placing first female overall at that race. I have been riding fixed for 8 years.


40 years young, born in San Antonio, TX and loving the kali life, riding fixed gears for 2 years raised in Highland Park. I’m a father, husband, vegetarian, teacher, artist, and painter. Riding a fixed gear has taught me a lot of discipline, which takes me back to riding MTB. Riding fixed in the streets is like riding single track in the mountains, it’s my mediation, and I enjoy the focus required and the last minute decisions it takes to stay safe… I commute to work on my fixed from SGV to West Hollywood to stay healthy and focused at work. I encourage everyone to ride to work, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and it respects mother earth. I met Chris and Roque from BRKLA and they brought more out of me as a rider and a human. It hasn’t been easy being part of a crew, every morning is a quest. Sometimes I get up at 4am to meet up and ride with these guys. I think the hardest part was getting up, hahaha. BRKLA has made me whole, and given me an outlet to release my maximum potential, pushing and exceeding myself on a daily basis. And in all things, I am grateful.


Costa Rican-American & Fixed Gear/Urban Cyclist based out of the San Gabriel Valley area. Roque was introduced to a fixed gear bike by his wife in 2011 as a way to stay healthy and lose weight. Over the last five years, Roque has maintained a 100 lb. weight loss and now rides over 6000 miles a year.  In 2015, Roque cofounded BRKLA with his friend and co-worker, Chris Reyes, as a way to document their daily commutes into work and around the City of Los Angeles. Together they have started the #RYBTW (ride your bike to work) movement and have shown through riding that commuting to work is possible.“Every day that we ride is an adventure, why not share it with the world”


27 years old and born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Louis is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of BRKLA. Riding out of the San Fernando Valley. I love riding track bikes, they have saved my life. If you see me on the streets say what’s up.”Ride Safe and Ride Strong”.