New Year’s Health Resolutions? How Ebikes Can Help!

New Year’s Health Resolutions? How Ebikes Can Help!

January 3, 2023

New Years is a time to refocus our efforts and to set new goals for ourselves. It’s an opportunity to look toward the future with our heads held high, and our attention straight ahead on those life changing obstacles we’re going to overcome, whether that’s eating healthier, getting your daily 30 minutes of exercise, or maybe it’s just being more present in our lives. It’s no easy task to break away from old habits. It takes accountability and persistence to rewire our past actions.

But what if you could incorporate an active lifestyle into your daily routine? What if there was a way to make your new year’s resolutions into an everyday activity? Perhaps there’s a way to strengthen the bonds of your relationships and get outdoors in the process.

The stigma or mythos that ebikes are cheating when it comes to getting a daily workout has been debunked. It just isn’t true. And there’s plenty of data to prove it. Check out our blog ‘Why riding an ebike isn’t cheating’ to find out more. What we want to do is encourage those who enjoy riding their ebike to continue rolling the way they feel is best for them and their lifestyle. In this blog we’ll talk about a few new year workout ideas for you, and regardless if you have a torque or cadence bases electrical system, how ebikes can still give you the necessary exercise you need.


Cadence and Torque

Before we get into dreaming up your “new year, new you” goals, let’s do a quick overview of what the difference is between cadence and torque sensors. For those of you who haven’t read our blog on the subject yet, it can be found in detail here. These are the sensors that can be found on ebikes, including Aventon models, that register how much electrical assist the motor should provide riders with. Plus, whether you're just shopping around for an ebike or already have one and are just looking to get more exercise out of it, both sensors have the ability to turn any ebike into an electric exercise bike!


In short, cadence sensors engage once you set your pedal assist to a certain level, and will always give a prescribed amount of power along with your pedaling. This can feel like a boost of energy that propels you forward along your ride.


Torque sensors have a more natural feel to them. The harder you pedal, the more your motor will kick in and meet your efforts. Instead of a prescribed amount of power like the cadence sensor, the torque augments the way you ride.


Do Ebikes Provide Exercise?

There are plenty of people out there who think ebikes can’t get you what you need as far as exercise goes. But that just isn’t the truth. First, ebikes are pedal bikes with a motor, which means you have the option to use the electrical components on them or not. Secondly, pedaling still takes effort, even if you’re getting a boost from your PAS. In November of this year, Electrik put out an article that dives deep into the positive benefits of ebike transportation. They concluded from a scientific study that ebike commuters traveled farther distances, making it more desirable to incorporate this mode of transportation into their daily lives. The article also states that ebiking can boost cardiovascular health, improve mental health, lower BMI from weight loss, and other great byproducts as well. This is great news!

So, if you're starting 2023 with a fresh mindset and wanting to make some new, healthy, lifestyle changes and become more active, you have to ask yourself: What is a new year's resolution that is sustainable for me? What's something that I can realistically commit myself to?

We at Aventon are here to say that while going to the gym 5x a week may work for some, we know other people prefer different methods to staying active. That's why we’ve put together a few ideas that could benefit you, your family and even change the way you experience the world. Because at the end of the day, making lasting, healthy lifestyle changes starts with you and is all about staying consistent with what you can do.


Weekend Trail Rides

It’s understandable that the work week can take a lot out of you. Especially if you have kids and there’s just too much to do with extracurricular activities and keeping your house in order. We get it. That’s why we recommend getting outside whenever you can. It’s important to take time for yourself and get the physical activity you need to keep your mind clear and your blood circulating. What better way to get an electric bike workout than hitting the trails? Weekend ride something to get excited about, for yourself or the whole family. Maybe make a list of all the trails in your local area and explore them all. You could even spread out larger vacations in-between to get out of town.

Take Aventon’s fat tire ebikes on your next adventure! The Aventure and Sinch.


Thirty Minute Quick Trips

It’s easy to fall into a rut. But rather than sink into the couch after a long day and turn on the television, why not keep the momentum going and hit the streets rolling for some ebike exercise! Instead of seeing it as more work, think of your new year’s resolutions activity as a game. Maybe you can set a timer with two fifteen minute intervals to explore different parts of your neighborhood for your new year workout. You could also see how far you could get in fifteen minutes and then take your time riding back home. Thirty minutes isn’t that long at all, and if you're having fun the time will fly by while getting your heart rate up. Hit top speeds by cranking the pedals and take yourself to task. There’s no telling how far you can get in just 30 minutes. Go the distance and get a workout doing it.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, Aventon’s Soltera can make quick trips feel like a breeze and can turn your ride around the block into an endurance expedition.


Commute If You Can

Change the game with your daily commute. This can be the shift you need in order to get your daily dose of your new year’s resolutions activity. If you live too far from work and driving is absolutely vital, then try to use your ebike to go to the grocery store or run errands around town. Give yourself an excuse to use your bike. Going to a friend’s house? Take your ebike! Need to drop something off at the post office? Go for a ride! Going to the gym? Roll your way with your new year themed workout!

Aventon’s Level.2 with a torque sensor, rear rack and fenders, can help accomplish all commuting needs.


Take The Ride Together

Looking for new years resolutions for couples? What better way to spend time together and get exercise than doing it with the one you love. Make riding your ebikes part of spending quality time together. Take your ebike on a date for some ebike exercise to go watch the sunset, or for a picnic. Two is definitely better than one when it comes to pushing each other towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Having someone to hold you accountable for your new years goal can be the inspiration you need to keep you going. An electric bike workout is a great way to bond and challenge each other. And it gives you a chance for bragging rights!

Take the Pace 350.2 and the Pace 500.2 for a pleasant roll with your loved one whenever you can. Make a day of it. Make it part of your weekly regime. Whatever gets your outside, spending more time together, we’re here for it.


In Closing

When it comes to getting the most out of your ebike and new years goals, one of the best things you can do is integrate ebiking into your daily routines. Not just as a goal, but a way of living. By reframing its importance in your life you will find that an ebike provides a high level of physical activity and will get you farther and faster in the process. Everything you do on your ebike, from how you get to work or the grocery store, visit friends, rekindle your relationship with yourself and loved ones, will ensure you get outside and experience the joys of riding a bike all over again. This New Year, rediscover the happiness that riding a bike can add to your life.  

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