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Crushin' the Mountains of Griffith

Crushin' the Mountains of Griffith

May 25, 2016

Excited about our 2016 colors, we built up two new bikes, and hit the road to go break them in, in the hills of griffith park. We started the day out all meeting up at Hugo's Tacos, in Glendale. Marco and Rodney, our chosen riders for the day shared some tacos with Matt and I. We all devoured Hugo's signature burritos in what seemed like seconds. Per usual apple maps failed us on the way up to find the perfect road in Griffith for us to start shooting. We parked, and unloaded the white Cordoba and satin red Mataro Low. It was unusually crowded for a Friday, but that didn't stop us. Dealing with the traffic we finally explored some of the closed roads that griffith has to offer, and kept wandering till our legs gave out. The shoot was full of ridiculous conversations, with a sprinkle of near death experiences when Rodney was whip skidding and unexpectedly unclipped (you can see it in the video linked below). Post Griffith we decided to explore more of Glendale and ended up grabbing some much need iced coffee, followed by some end of the day nachos and fries at Village Tavern. At sunset we loaded up, to enjoy the evening of LA traffic (not), and crack up over what a day we had in LA.

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