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Coffee, tacos, flats.

Coffee, tacos, flats.

May 18, 2016

We had some new colors landing, it was Friday, and we wanted to ride our bikes. This was a perfect opportunity for our new marketing guru Mike to get to know LA, our bikes, and our ambassadors. Riding in LA is the best. Some people say it is too crowded with cars, the streets suck, no bike lanes. While all these can be true sometimes, it is still my home and I love riding my bike on these crappy, crowded streets. We are blessed to live in a city with so many different little boroughs, each offering something unique both for riding and photos. Chris and Jaime were quick to show me just how out of shape I am, the camera bag on my back didn't help. We grabbed a sequence of photos out in Silverlake just before arriving to Mission Workshop. If I know anything about Chris, it is that he takes his coffee seriously and is always down to share his latest cafe finds. As if the day couldn't get any better, Mission Workshop offers free iced Bicycle Coffee for shop visitors on Fridays. We marinated in some sweet cafe greatness, chomped on a banana, and said adios to Jaime. If you're in LA then you know you have to get some local tacos. One of my favorite spots is nestled in the neighborhood of Los Feliz, Best Fish Taco in Ensenada. The menu is FISH, SHRIMP, DRINK. And honestly that's all you need. The Tacos are freshly made to order and you put whatever toppings suit your fancy. Recommendation: get the horchata. Before the food coma set in it we made our way Downtown to grab some shots just before it got dark. My rusty legs caught up with me and I got a cramp from hell, maybe I'm just getting old. We paused at El Pueblo de Los Angeles to grab some shots as the sun set down behind the skyline. Mike got the clips, I was able to snag some photos, and we called it a day. Coffee, tacos and a flat tire, welcome to LA cycling. We hope you enjoy the new colors. Dont forget to watch our video from our Day in LA!

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