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Aventon's 1st Annual Bikes & Chill Event

Aventon's 1st Annual Bikes & Chill Event

April 1, 2017

Come join us at our warehouse sale for some food and deals! RSVP TODAY, for deals on returns, scratch & dent items, photo samples, prototypes and much much more. Bring your friends, family, and of course your Aventon bike!

We will be having a sale on new and used items, raffles, giveaways, and much much more.

RSVP TODAY! This unlocks your free taco ticket, and free raffle ticket at the event.

Event Schedule:

  • Warehouse Sale  9am - 3pm
  • Demo Track  10am - 2pm
  • Taco Man   11am - 1pm
  • Track Stand Competition - 11am
  • Raffle  10pm - 2pm (Raffle every hour on the hour)

*Parking will be limited so please read signs at local businesses to make sure it's legal to park in their lot.

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