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Aventon Ebike Fender Set


 This is not a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" fender - You MUST order the model and size that matches your Aventon ebike model and size. 

Aventon's design team wasn't satisfied with the generic "off the shelf" fender options for our ebikes, so we set to work designing these new, all-metal fenders. Each is engineered for a perfect fit on your Aventon ebike.  

Stay dry on wet rides and adds a touch of visual class to your ride. 

  • Set includes front and rear fenders, plus mounting hardware

  • Order the model and size that matches the frame size of your Aventon ebike  

Fender exploded diagram and installation instructions (PDF)

How to Install fenders on
PACE 350 & PACE 500

Customer Reviews

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What a great purchase we’ve made!

Fenders were b/o’d so we waited probably 30 days only to find the hardware was missing. No worries. It was sent upon request and arrived in days. Not complaining, just explaining, as we felt Aventon was doing the best they could with the increased demand for e-bikes during Covid. We were ordering in the winter in preparation for Spring riding so were in no hurry.

LET ME STATE HERE: the customer service we received throughout the entire process of researching e-bikes with Aventon, asking many questions via emails with Andrew, having them answered sometimes within the hour(!) but certainly within 24 hours, was beyond anything we’ve experienced.

I highly recommend these well-made e-bikes, which are, by the way, not nearly as heavy as others on the market. In addition, available through Aventon, are all the accessories you could want or need at competitive prices, made specifically for the Aventon bikes, so guaranteed to fit. In short, this can be your one-stop shopping experience, too. Happy riding!

Easy to Install

Very easy to install and are a high quality item. Keeps you bike clean and looking cool!

Easy enough to install

It took me a bit of effort because I'm not handy with tools but I got them on and they look great. I had to watch a how to video from aventon but after that. No problem

Must have accessory!

Great quality aluminum, not cheap plastic and you will be very happy with them. Also, you can install the rear fender (watch Aventon Sinch fender installation video on YouTube) without removing the rear wheel (pain in the butt and not necessary). If you have patience and small hands you can install the lower frame screw for the rear fender with your fingers at first and then with an ultra-low profile offset ratcheting #2 phillips screwdriver (see picture). I also put blue Loctite on the screw threads for added security. I did not need to (or if you have larger hands), but deflating the rear tire and collapsing it with a strap or a zip tie in the lower frame area for even greater access may also be helpful.

True Aventon Style

No problem with installation and it looks great

Aventon Ebike Fender Set