Electric Cruiser Bike

Cruise around town with one of Aventon's electric cruiser bikes! Designed with comfort at the forefront, cruiser ebikes are the perfect option for leisure riding and recreational explorations.

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    What is an electric cruiser bike?

    A cruiser ebike is one of the most popular bicycle styles! It’s designed particularly for leisure and recreational riding. A prominent feature of an electric cruiser bike is its upright frame. Having an upright frame offers riders an incredibly relaxed riding position, coupled with its sweptback-style handlebars.

    Read on to learn more about electric beach cruiser bicycles and to see if this is the right style of ebike for you!

    What are the benefits of choosing a cruiser electric bike?

    An electric cruiser bike is ideal for someone who is either just starting out on their cycling journey or is simply looking for a bike that prioritizes comfort above all else! One of the most prominent features of cruiser electric bikes is their upright frame. Typically, these types of bikes have swept-back style handlebars, which situate the rider in an upright position, giving them a more relaxed overall ride. If you’re someone who is known to have lower back pain, shoulder pain, or even occasional wrist pain while riding a bicycle, a cruise ebike may be one of the better options for you. 

    Some of the best cruiser electric bikes also are typically equipped with wider tires. Now, this is not to be confused with genuine ebike fat tires. Wider tires, like those found on some cruiser electric bikes, simply mean that this style of bike is ideal for relatively flat surfaces. Paved roads are a great example! Whether you’re cruising through your neighborhood or around town. Certain cruiser style ebikes can, on occasion, withstand hard-packed surfaces like compact dirt trails or even light gravel roads. While you may commonly see cruiser ebikes being ridden along the terrains of beach boardwalks and sidewalks, they are not ideal for riding on or through loose sand.

    What features do the best cruiser electric bikes have?

    An upright frame is relatively standard on electric cruiser bikes, same with wide tires designed for leisure riding. But, if you’re looking for the best cruiser electric bikes, you also need to pay close attention to their electrical components.

    While you can opt for just a pedal-assist cruiser bike, meaning your cruiser ebike only offers a pedal-assist functionality, choosing a cruiser electric bike that offers both throttle and pedal-assist functionalities simply opens you up to more possibilities and more explorations. If you want to put more work into pedaling, but simply need a boost of power, you can rely on pedal assist to help you. Alternatively, if you’re reaching the end of your joy ride and are just ready to roll on home, the throttle can do all the work for you!

    What’s the difference between a beach cruiser electric bike and an electric cruiser bicycle?

    Great question! And a fairly simple answer to it too. Nothing! The terms ‘cruiser’ and ‘beach’ are used synonymously. While some call it a cruiser ebike, others will call it a beach cruiser electric bike. Some might even just say ebike, cruiser style! So if one or the other word (‘beach’ or ‘cruiser’) may be missing, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an entirely different type of ebike. 

    Does Aventon offer a cruiser ebike?

    Aventon’s cruiser ebike is the Pace.2 series! We offer two types of cruiser ebikes: the Pace 350.2 and the Pace 500.2. Both are designed for comfortable cruising, offering riders an upright frame, swept-back style handlebars, and a wide, cushy saddle. Both models also offer its riders throttle and pedal assist functionalities so they can choose their power and roll off to their adventures. 

    Riders who are looking for a bit more power will favor the Pace 500.2, which offers a more powerful motor than the Pace 350.2. However, the Pace 350.2 is the optimal entry option to electric bikes, whether you’re someone who is just starting out or they’re seasoned and simply looking for an easy, comfortable ebike to ride. 

    Where can I find Aventon’s electric cruiser bikes for sale?

    Aventon’s pedal assist cruiser bike is available for sale through a few channels. Aventon uses an omnichannel approach for its selection of electric cruiser bikes for sale. 

    You can purchase one online directly from Aventon at Aventon.com and have your electric cruiser bike arrive right at your doorstep. You can locate an Aventon dealer, using Aventon’s  Dealer Locator, to find a bike shop or retailer nearest you that may carry the cruiser ebike you’re looking for. Aventon also has a network of big box retailers, such as Best Buy, that also provide a selection of electric cruiser bicycles both in select stores nationwide and online. 

    Owning an Aventon cruiser ebike

    Aventon’s number one goal is to spread joy through the products it makes. Owning our own manufacturing facility allows us to have complete oversight of what we produce, how we produce it, and who we produce it for. Everything we do is with our riders in mind and ensuring that when they get onto their Aventon electric cruiser bike and all they feel is happiness, this is what drives us forward. 

    If you need more information about Aventon’s cruiser ebike, the Pace series, contact us. One of our customer service representatives will be delighted to speak with you! Or, visit our Help Center for more information on our electric beach cruiser bicycles. 

    Ride more. Be happy.