Portland Design Works Soda Pop MTB Width Fender Set



Set aside the mounting bolts that come with the fenders as supplied by PDW. Mount the front fender using a M6 x 60mm socket cap bolt, attached with the nut included in the PDW mounting hardware. The M6 x 60mm bolt is NOT INCLUDED with these fenders and needs to be sourced separately (for example, from a hardware store). Mount the rear fender using a standard bicycle water bottle boss / rack / fender braze-on M5 x 0.8 bolt (one of these bolts is included in the Pace accessory box). The "half moon" shaped mounting clip supplied by PDW for the rear fender will not clip around the Pace 500 seatstay bridge; instead, flip it 180 degrees, facing away from the seatstay bridge.


These are the recommended fenders for our Pace 500 and 350 series ebikes, tested to fit by our staff.  

PDW's "Soda Pop" fenders are a design you can feel good about riding. They are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled beverage bottles. 

  • Clip-on design
  • Set, includes front and rear
  • Fits Pace 500 and 350 ebikes*, as well as many other makes/models
  • 42mm wide at seatstay bridge; 44mm wide at the underside of the fork, flares to 64mm at the ends to cover wider tires


Customer Reviews

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Portland fenders

Bolt not long enough to go through head stem for front fender


Portland Design Works Soda Pop MTB Width Fender Set

They kind of work.

The front went on ok after a trip to the hardware store for the right size bolt. I couldn't get the supplied plastic piece to mate to the front fork mounting location. Another trip to the hardware store and I found a rubber washer that mated the flat fender bracket to the rounded front forks. Not the best set up but it did the job.
The back fender went on easy enough. In the picture on the fender sales site you can see how it looks like it rubs the tire. With the small size frame on the Pace 500 it just barely misses the tire.
I will be looking for a better option before riding this in the rain.
For a quick mounting and easy to remove fair weather fender It is barely adequate. Anything more than that and you should look else where.
For the price I am happy with the quality of the product. Given the right bike and situation it would be great.

Fender set

The back fender went on fine , but the front fender did not have the right size bolt. I bought one so that's why the 4 stars only.

So So.

They fit ok except the mounting hardware does not work for the Aventon bikes. Had to go to hardware store to buy what would work. They are flexible but seem to hold shape ok at this time.