Kali Protectives Central Helmet

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Whether it's tackling the daily commute or enjoying city nightlife by bike, the Central, with its rechargeable rear light, is the helmet for your asphalt jungle adventures.

Stay cool, covered and highly visible with this stylish urban helmet.

**Does not come with a charging cable - Uses a standard micro-usb charging cable. 

Customer Reviews

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Scott Talbot
Gift for my Son Steven

He really likes it. The bike is surprisingly fast and nice ride.
350 miles so far been 2 weeks since purchase. He about 250lbs
get him up long hills no problem.

Saved by the helmet

I am a strong believer in this helmet. I just turned 74 years old and got my new Aventon step through Level bike only three months ago and on my first and second ride, I took two spills, went down hitting my head twice on the concrete street and fortunately I had on my helmet which protected my head from the pavement. without wearing this helmet, I'm afraid there would have been a tragic outcome as I hit my head really hard especially on the second fall. I strongly recommend wearing a helmet at all times while riding no matter what age you are.

Felino Reyes

Your helmet is overprize a show that in dept. store as same as your helmet…is a $35 only!

Leroy Garrett

Very comfortable… and looks good:)

Wim Lauryssen
It's a helmet

It protects your head. Get a helmet.