Square Taper RD2 Crankset, 165L 46T Silver


A durable and affordable fixed gear crankset, directly compatible with all of fixie and track models, plus many other make/models too.

Recommended bottom bracket spindle length: 103mm. Bottom bracket not included. 


  • Alloy Crank Set 165mm
  • Compatible with most square taper bottom brackets (i.e. Neko bottom bracket)
  • 130 BCD / 5 bolt mounting pattern
  • 46 tooth chainring

Customer Reviews

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Bad Info

I bought what was called a Sugino crankset online—it wasn't a Sugino. It looks like it was made by Sugino, but is a cheap Chinese knock-off. To 6KU's credit, they took "Sugino" out of the description on-line and refunded my money immediately. And told me to keep the crank or throw it away.

I'm going to give it a shot, though the workmanship is really primitive and you can see wobble around the center of the casting. It may work perfectly fine, we'll see. It's a $30 after all.

AND beware the chain-line doesn't work with a typical flip-flop hub when the ring mounted on the 'front' of the crank. I'm using old 36 hole Suzue hubs and a 103 mm JIS taper spindle. I bought this so it would look cool and it does not. With the ring on the back of the arms you see the naked flats and bolts sticking out…….