Sunlite Rack Top Mesh Carrier

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Powder coated steel construction with a mesh bottom. Mounts to a rear bike rack

Dimensions (WxLxD): 13x16x8"

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Robert Diller
Good starting point

This is a good basket for my needs but I’ve modified it a bit. I needed something to hold my 25 # Boston Terrier. I like this basket because it won’t restrict the air flow on hot days. I built a rail around the top edge so she can stand to hang her head out into the wind and a pad for when she sits. It mounts with 2 bolts to the plate I built for my rear rack on my Aventure. Now I just have to train Ghita to stay in when it gets bumpy!

Joan Warner
Great basket

Great size for picking up a few groceries while out for a ride. Easy attachment to fender rack.

Linda Swenson

Works great securing items int the basket. no need to worry about items falling out while you are cruising.

Thomas Tweedie

I love basket

Marty Taylor-Harper
Sunlite rack

mine arrived bent on two sides. Not a problem with Aventon.
Just emailed pictures and another one was on its way. My 17 lb Jack Russell named Glory rides in it safely. It is deep and roomy. Love it. Marty