Aventon Level Fender Set

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 This is not a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" fender - You MUST order the model and size that matches your Aventon ebike model and size. 

Aventon's design team wasn't satisfied with the generic "off the shelf" fender options for our ebikes, so we set to work designing these new, all-metal fenders. Each is engineered for a perfect fit on your Aventon ebike.  

Stay dry on wet rides and adds a touch of visual class to your ride. 

  • Set includes front and rear fenders, plus mounting hardware

  • Order the model and size that matches the frame size of your Aventon ebike  

Fender exploded diagram and installation instructions (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Cavanaugh
Aventon fender set for Pace 500

Fenders and bike rack fit perfect on the Pace 500. The only problem was they did not arrive until 2 months after the order was placed. Worth thw wait.

Richard Wilkinson
Aventon Fender set

Packaged really well, Hard points were spot on, bolting to frame went smooth and holding up no adjusting or loose bolts. I have 225 miles and no issues. Well worth the money.

Patti Donaldson

Aventon Level Fender Set

Tina Audia

The fenders look great on my bike. Love the matte finish.

attaching rear fender to Pace 350

total pain in the @$$. come on guys, a company that makes such a nice product with nice features..surely you can come up with a better way to attach the front of the back fender...surely. Otherwise, the fenders are nice, fit well, and perform as advertised...just find a way to install them that doesnt require magic.

How to Install fenders on
PACE 350 & PACE 500